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... to not get why CNN is going all "Princess Diana" over Steve Jobs

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Bennifer Thu 06-Oct-11 15:12:29

seriously, I think it's very sad. But on CNN, they're going very OTT over Steve Jobs. Or Am I being unfair

MrsTerryPratchett Thu 06-Oct-11 15:13:56

I think he deserves more adulation than Diana, but that's just me.

ScaredBear Thu 06-Oct-11 15:14:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Alouiseg Thu 06-Oct-11 15:16:02

Yabvvu, he was one of the great innovators of our time.

laptopwieldingharpy Thu 06-Oct-11 15:16:50

It's called the news cycle, and yes, for a change the news bite is worth it: a truly accomplished inspiring human being.

NinkyNonker Thu 06-Oct-11 15:16:56

I do think it is a little ott. Always sad when someone dies too young, and I agree he was an innovative businessman but let's keep it in perspective.

BettySwollocksandaCrustyRack Thu 06-Oct-11 15:17:39

I agree...very sad but millions of people die from cancer all the time. Sad but that's life. I dont get it at all.

PhilipJFry Thu 06-Oct-11 15:18:29

It's funny because although he was a fantastic mind and inventor, as a person he's the kind that mumsnet (and many others) would despise. He had a daughter with a woman he had an on/off relationship with and tried to screw them both over. From the daughter's Wikipedia:

"For two years Jobs, already wealthy by that time, refused to acknowledge paternity, swearing in court documents that he could not be Lisa's father because he was "sterile and infertile, and as a result thereof, did not have the physical capacity to procreate a child." Brennan-Jobs grew up with her mother, who went on welfare to support her. Eventually Jobs acknowledged paternity.He later married Laurene Powell and fathered three more children."

cantspel Thu 06-Oct-11 15:18:35

Stev Jobs changed the world. He was one of the greatest men of our time and is a major loss to the world.

RIP Steve

GetOrfMo1Land Thu 06-Oct-11 15:18:51

I think it is very laudable that he is getting so much adulation, he achieved so much and genuinely changed the way the modern world communicates.

squeakytoy Thu 06-Oct-11 15:18:54

It isnt because he died of cancer, it is because of the difference he made to technology, which was phenomenal.

BikeRunSki Thu 06-Oct-11 15:20:47

Because he was a great innovator who changed the way we live? Who pushed and influenced technology well beyond anything anyone could have imagined? Because in amongst the crap that is normally the news we can celebrate a great life lived to the full?

laptopwieldingharpy Thu 06-Oct-11 15:20:57

Nit picking

squidworth Thu 06-Oct-11 15:22:43

Personally it is not his achievements in technology it is what that technology can lead onto, advancement in medicine, science and even down to enable us to communicate in this post. So yes I think he deserves a big deal.

minipie Thu 06-Oct-11 15:23:13

"I think he deserves more adulation than Diana, but that's just me."

it's not just you wink

KittyFane Thu 06-Oct-11 15:43:17

It's a big deal - an amazing man.

BruciesDollyDealer Thu 06-Oct-11 15:45:16

same on BBC confused

they are scraping the barrel to be honest, interviewing people passing by the Apple shop and asking how his death is affecting them

erm ......

KittyFane Thu 06-Oct-11 15:51:51

grin @ brucies!

notcitrus Thu 06-Oct-11 15:55:47

His work (and others, of course) changed the world.

Now why the news channels got all 'Princess Diana' over Diana is something I've never understood...

Bennifer Thu 06-Oct-11 15:56:45

Well, I know. I'm sorry if it sounds as if I'm being cruel, but CNN were doing the same. They were in Beijing interviewing people outside an apple store, in Hong Kong interviewing some people about how much they liked Apple products, etc. I had to turn over to find some news

crazygracieuk Thu 06-Oct-11 15:58:30

Steve Jobs had a MUCH bigger effect on my family and their life than Princess Di.

mycatsaysach Thu 06-Oct-11 15:59:22

i really don't get this at all
his company wasn't just him
alan sugar added on bbc news that an english guy was actually head designer of apple
agree reading his wiki page - he doesn't sound a v pleasant person
think people are a being a bit ott

BridgetBust Thu 06-Oct-11 15:59:48

But if Steve Jobs hadn't invented these thingies, wouldn't somebody else have done so?

mycatsaysach Thu 06-Oct-11 16:01:11

exactly bridget

KittyFane Thu 06-Oct-11 16:01:46

Bennifer, if you had said 'AIBU to think that reporters/ broadcasters don't have a clue how to report a man's death with intelligence, respect and dignity' I would have agreed with you!
There is so much about his achievements to talk about and they are stopping people in shopping centres?! Lazy journalism.

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