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To not tell DH that DS and I are going to be on tv?

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Wrigglebum Wed 05-Oct-11 17:04:53

Got filmed talking about something on local news- I really hate being filmed (we didn't even allow video at our wedding!) but it's a miserable day and the camera men begged me so they could finish up and go home. Being nice I obliged and spouted some crap, holding DS (who said mid-interview "I want to go home").

The thing is, if I tell DH he'll make a big deal of it, record it and show it to everyone for ever and ever and ever. I have a shiney face, out in the rain hair and big eye bags today, don't really want to see what I look like on camera!

AIBU not to tell him about it and pretend it never happened? No-one watches ITV local news anyway right?

ihatecbeebies Wed 05-Oct-11 17:06:19

YABU, tell him, his DS is on tele - of course he'll be proud and want to watch it again and again!

notso Wed 05-Oct-11 17:08:11


My worst fear is that my arse will be filmed for one of those national obesity features.

fourkids Wed 05-Oct-11 17:08:35

I would tell him because otherwise he'll be hurt that you didn't tell him, if someone else mentions it to him.

But I would make it clear that I would rather it was never mentioned again and that I didn't want it recording, and I would expect any decent Dh to respect that.

Yummygummybear Wed 05-Oct-11 17:08:42

Local to where? I'l watch it if it's mine!

Tell DH about it, watch it & laugh about it smile. Your DS might get excited about seeing you both on TV!

I was once on the front of a local newspaper, windswept, holding my DS.

Unlurked Wed 05-Oct-11 17:09:58

Hmm I think I would not tell him but make sure he's in front of the tv to watch it when it comes on so he has no time to record anything but he won't miss it. Also would your ds not like to see himself?

It would be a shame not to watch it. What if one of his friends or family see it and tell him? If I was him I'd want to watch it. Actually I kind of want to watch it now and I don't even know you...

slavetofilofax Wed 05-Oct-11 17:13:24

I agree with Unlurked.

Make him watch it, it will be a fun surprise, and fun for your ds, but that way he won't have time to record it or tell anyone.

you will be suprised, nay shocked at how many people tomorrow say 'I saw you on the news last night' so tell him, I know, it happened to me and I too was mortified at not even having brushed my hair, chins all hanging etc. worse was when I was filmed at home in my garden cos we had a very rare bird that was visited by 500 birdwatchers and gave an insane interview that was recorded by several mates and it is still dragged out at parties blush

SnakeOnCrack Wed 05-Oct-11 17:18:51

I did a mate a favour on a TV show (did a vox pop stylee type thing like you, but a bit longer), didn't tell anyone and only 3 people saw it (including my sister) so I escaped!! YANBU!

Deesus Wed 05-Oct-11 17:21:29

Tell us where you are wrigglebum....? We are nosy bitches want to support a fellow mn-er! grin

Wrigglebum Wed 05-Oct-11 17:21:34

Good idea unlurked, but if I put on local news he'll turn it over or think I've gone mad. Perhaps if I tell him, leave the room and stick my fingers in my ears and sing so I can't hear my voice? then delete it if he recorded it? Shit, do they put these things online?

We've not been in this area and don't know too many people in common so it prob wouldn't get back to him. I sound like a right cow now but I just really hate being filmed!

I was interviews on Radio Suffolk once as a six-former and have never let him listen to the tape! He could have listened if he'd bothered to get up earlier that day (we've been together since school). He still goes on about it...

<runs off to check my profile doesn't show where I live lest people I don't even know on here see it>

Wrigglebum Wed 05-Oct-11 17:26:18

See Eccles (god I love Eccles cakes), that is what I am scared of, the shame!!

I only did it cos I'd been having a nice chat about Mr Tumble with the camera man, they were in the jewellers when I was picking up my ring that had been in for repair and everyone was being lovely to DS. That will so identify me to anyone who watches local news and lives in my area!

squeakytoy Wed 05-Oct-11 17:28:34

It will probably be like that episode of Gavin and Stacey where Mick is interviewed, rings round to tell everyone, expecting to be on the tv for 20 minutes, and they show a 20 second clip grin

wrigglebum me too obviously but M&S are the best hence the name... you can taste the butter and calories sad sob and hey be proud with your new careeer as a TV presenter. grin @ gavin and stacey *squeakytoy

Wrigglebum Wed 05-Oct-11 18:32:10

Oops, thought itv local news was 6.30 but it's 6! Set it to record but no idea if I missed it or not. DH not home yet, no idea yet if I've missed my son's tv debut through sheer doziness...

Small mercy I got my Lily Lolo testers yesterday so actually had make up on today. Bet at least one of the neighbours saw it, they are all old and a bit nosy but very nice. Old people watch local news don't they?

Now shame should have passed, I'll say it was West Country Today, Bristol area.

Mmm, Eccles cakes, got one on saturday and packet said 400 cals, ouch! But some of the pastry flaked off so saved a few cals there grin.

Friendlymum67 Wed 05-Oct-11 18:42:26

I feel for you Wrigglebum. I was interviewed for London Tonight in 2010 and it was picked up by the national newspapers, local radio etc and have only recently managed to watch it - grimacing and watching with my hands over my eyes!!! blush

Unlurked Wed 05-Oct-11 20:43:52

The only time I've been on the news I didn't even know about it. I was getting off a train to Edinburgh during the festival and apparently managed to saunter past a camera without even realising. Got two phonecalls later that day to tell me I'd been on the news. Luckily I wasnt picking my nose or falling over or anything. grin

I hope you all got to see your 5mins of fame op and your DP doesn't go on about it for too long!

probably saved loads if a bit of the sugar coat came off too wrigglebum so you had it practically calorie free... no guilt, think the 400 cals must be a misprint, surely cant be more than 4 wink what happened with the news, were you on the late version? were you spotted? hopefully not with eccles cake pastry crumbs down your top!

DeWe Thu 06-Oct-11 14:24:48

Someone will tell him tomorrow anyway.

Dd2 was on the One Show once and even a year later she still occasionally got stopped in the street and asked about it.

Roseflower Thu 06-Oct-11 15:12:44


"My worst fear is that my arse will be filmed for one of those national obesity features."

Oh that made me howl! So true. Or worst, my entire body.

Wrigglebum Thu 06-Oct-11 18:45:59

I haven't actually checked if I was on! Haven't watched the 10 mins I recorded and don't know if it's online or not. Actually had a thought at 6.30 that it might be tonight's news instead but it's a bit late now, I have a memory like a sieve blush.

Certainly haven't had any people say they saw me or been mobbed in the street by fans grin. Just confirms my suspicions that no-one watches itv local news! Of course I may not have been on as my opinions were pretty worthless!

I did tell DH and he just laughed, wonder if he asked at work if anyone saw it (not that they know me though).

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