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To have used only 2 eggs in my

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tifflins Tue 04-Oct-11 22:30:37

Omelette. When clearly it should have been 3.

CocoPopsAddict Tue 04-Oct-11 22:33:37

Three is much better. I used two to make an omelette for 10mo DS.

blackeyedsusan Tue 04-Oct-11 22:33:46

my mum would think 2 eggs was extravagant. perhaps that is why we never had omelette. she was rationed in the war though, so has an excuse.

TickleBug Tue 04-Oct-11 22:45:36

I always use 2, I find three abit too much.

I only ever use two. I probably overfill them to balance it out though smile

2rebecca Tue 04-Oct-11 23:20:22

3, not worth the hassle of making an omlette if just 2, same with scrambled eggs, if it's a meal then it's a meal and make something that won't leave you wondering why you bothered as you are still hungry.

Trills Tue 04-Oct-11 23:46:02


GrimmaTheNome Tue 04-Oct-11 23:48:53

Depends how big and hungry you are. I'm small, so I never want more than 2 eggs at a time (certainly not by the time I've added ham, cheese or whatever). I'd usually use 3 for DH.

AuntiePickleBottom Tue 04-Oct-11 23:50:34

i normally use 4, balace it out with loads os salad

babycham42 Tue 04-Oct-11 23:50:54

YANBU.But I hope you remembered to add some tasty little extras like left over peas,sweetcorn and peppers....Waste not want not.

CarnivalBizarre Tue 04-Oct-11 23:55:38

I made a very extravagant omelette tonight for 3 of us - huge frying pan, onions, mushrooms, bacon, chorizo,mushrooms, cubed boiled potatoes, piccolo tomatoes, red peppers, 6 eggs and shit loads of mature cheddar cheese browned on top - bloody yummy!

GrimmaTheNome Wed 05-Oct-11 00:04:30

6 eggs for 3, cooked as described is - someone has to say it - eggcellent

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