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Have you ever read a post which you think is about you?

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lesley33 Tue 04-Oct-11 00:25:01

I think I have. There was a post about someone asking if their boss was unreasonable. Identifying details had been taken out of the intial post. I posted to say I thought the boss had been reasonable. But as more details were voluntereed by the OP it dawned on me that the poster may have been posting about me. In fact I am pretty sure the post was about me. Has this happened to you?

Jaquelinehyde Tue 04-Oct-11 00:27:05

Eeeek bloody hell!

No never had that happen to me and I'm bloody glad.

It must have happened to a few people though MN is too big for it not to have.

KatieMiddleton Tue 04-Oct-11 00:27:31

No. But i have been the subject of unstable unreasonable employee's ire. Do you want to unload?

Jaquelinehyde Tue 04-Oct-11 00:27:32

How did you resist not posting to ask or at least PMing the OP?

Kladdkaka Tue 04-Oct-11 00:28:14

Oh my word! How did you deal with that?

Kayano Tue 04-Oct-11 00:28:27

I read a baby name post a while ago when someone said they loved a name but could not use it due to their one syllable surname and hinted what it was.

I had had the exact same conversation with my mother that morning and could not believe it... Same name, same if not similar surname and everything! Even my mil knew about 'this other mumsnet poster who I am sure is actually my subconscious' lol

KatieMiddleton Tue 04-Oct-11 00:28:33

Yeah you could have said "Oi, bitchface! Is that you?".

Now that I would like to see one day grin

Kayano Tue 04-Oct-11 00:29:32

But I haven't read a
Post that I though could be AbOUt me iyswim?

lesley33 Tue 04-Oct-11 00:34:02

I can be a bit slow at times, so by the time I realised I was no longer angry about the situation. It was one of those posts where other posters were really divided between yes your boss is being bvvvu to those who were you are being vvvu.

Really don't want to post identifying details, but imo it was something that the OP had made an unnecessary big deal of. This wasn't the situation - but imo was similar to the pa posting about how she was unhappy at being asked to regularly make tea for boss and guests.

lesley33 Tue 04-Oct-11 00:35:26

"Yeah you could have said "Oi, bitchface! Is that you?". "

Might have felt good to do this - but in rl I am very professional.

KatieMiddleton Tue 04-Oct-11 00:37:53

So am I. But on here... less so. Unless it's employment issues when I am very, very well behaved.

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