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... in thinking a minibus hire company should have its own bloody parking?

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woollyideas Mon 03-Oct-11 18:00:49

As you can tell, I'm feeling narked. We have a van hire company in our road. Parking is already limited - lots of terraced houses, yellow line on one side of road etc. - so it's very annoying when the hire company takes up loads of space with their enormous mini buses.

AIBU in thinking the middle of a row of Victorian terraces is not really the place to have a van hire business?

I just wanted to whinge about how unfair it is, really...

NotSuchASmugMarriedNow Mon 03-Oct-11 18:18:29

I can see how annoying it must be but a public road is a public road, so he's not doing anything wrong as such.

However, there must be a lot of free spaces if he is able to park his vans there so if he didn't park there someone else would if you see what i mean.

worraliberty Mon 03-Oct-11 18:22:19

I'm surprised they got planning permission

woollyideas Mon 03-Oct-11 18:44:56

Erm, they manage to park their vans there SmugMarried because his staff are constantly out shuffling their vehicles around, leaving 5-6 feet gaps in between them (just too small for a car) so they can all budge up and 'free' a space when another van gets back. And yes, if they weren't there someone else would be - quite possible the people who actually live on the street and would like to park too!

I know he's not doing anything wrong as such and that it's a public road etc., but having watched (and helped!) my neighbour lug her twin babies, a toddler and a week's worth of Sainsbury shopping from two streets away, I feel entitled to have a short rant. None of us expects to park in front of our house, or even within fifty yards TBH, but having a minibus hire company in the middle of such a residential area strikes me as totally UNcommunity-minded.

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