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To think 'no pen Wednesday' is a silly idea?

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Dancergirl Mon 03-Oct-11 17:31:17

I don't know if other schools do this - at dds' school last week they had 'no pen Wednesday' which meant all the children and staff couldn't use pens, pencils or other writing implements for the day. They had to be creative and think up ideas that didn't involve writing, eg in English they did drama.

I hope I'm not being a misery and I know it's only one day and a bit of fun etc but both dh and I feel that they've really missed out on a day's education because of this. Dd1 is in Year 6 and is working hard preparing for 11+ exams (which start in 6 weeks), as are most of her class as the majority of the schools round here are in a consortium which requires a Maths and VR paper. The school don't help prepare the children at all for these papers as apparently there isn't enough teaching time, however they manage to find time for no-pen Wednesday.

Your thoughts?

RedHelenB Mon 03-Oct-11 17:31:56

Get a grip!!??

RedBlanket Mon 03-Oct-11 17:36:20

It's only one day so no big deal in the grand scheme.

Teaches them problem solving and creativity!

AFuckingKnackeredWoman Mon 03-Oct-11 17:36:33

Its abit of fun... Would you prefer her hunched over her revision being whipped for not working hard enough so she can get into a naice school

squeakytoy Mon 03-Oct-11 17:37:55

they are still learning on that day, but doing something which will capture their imagination so of course you are being unreasonable..

callmemrs Mon 03-Oct-11 17:39:44

So..... You don't think people learn anything through talking, listening, debating, arguing a point of view?
Fgs find something important to worry about

CauldronsTrulyReign Mon 03-Oct-11 17:40:24

I think you're being a teeny bic unreasonable.

Sounds like a good idea actually and is mutually exclusive to the 11+ problem.


SenoritaViva Mon 03-Oct-11 17:40:40

But they are learning on that day. In fact I think it is a great opportunity for teachers to think creatively about their explanations and tasks for that day. It will develop communication skills (verbal and physical), memory etc. (depending on their tasks). Maybe no pen week would be excessive but I think this was a great opportunity and perhaps you have missed the point?

NatashaBee Mon 03-Oct-11 17:40:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Kladdkaka Mon 03-Oct-11 17:41:55

They are learning something very, very important. To think outside the box,

BupcakesandCunting Mon 03-Oct-11 17:43:17

So you can only learn by being shackled to a desk, clutching a pen, hunched over a textbook?

Don't be daft.

SurprisEs Mon 03-Oct-11 17:43:21

Education is not just about reading and writting. Creativity, problem solving, team work, positive spirit and many other things are part of a well educated individual. Plus, it's a chance for those kids who thrive in that sort of activity to have a day in which they don't feel restricted and let down by the standards of what is acceptable and the norm.

seeker Mon 03-Oct-11 17:43:36

Sounds a brilliant idea- I've just emailed the head at our school about it! We've been trying to think of innovative and exciting ways to engage the older children!

Dancergirl Mon 03-Oct-11 17:43:40

Yes of course they learn in other ways and yes it's only one day (as I pointed out above!). I suppose my gripe is if the school can fit something like this into the curriculum, surely they can find time to do A BIT to help the children prepare for 11+ papers which the majority of the class will be taking...?

treas Mon 03-Oct-11 17:44:37

Of course they didn't miss out on a days education - they probably learned more than they would using pen and paper.

Dancergirl Mon 03-Oct-11 17:44:58

Think I would prefer a 'no-screen Wednesday'!

BupcakesandCunting Mon 03-Oct-11 17:45:46

But "fitting into the curriculum" shouldn't be a problem, should it? confused Wouldn't they just be doing this instead of teaching via more conventional methods?

GandTiceandaslice Mon 03-Oct-11 17:45:49

This is one day. Not every Wednesday.

I bet the kids had a ball & learnt loads.

SenoritaViva Mon 03-Oct-11 17:47:01

seeker our school had it too so it is definitely a wider initiative...

grumplestilskin Mon 03-Oct-11 17:47:02

sounds like a brilliant teaching/learning tool. YABU

ovenchips Mon 03-Oct-11 17:47:04

'I hope I'm not being a misery...'

I'm afraid that hope is somewhat unfounded. smile

LoopyLoopsPussInBoots Mon 03-Oct-11 17:47:37

Brilliant idea.

ButWhyIsTheGinGone Mon 03-Oct-11 17:51:51

It sounds a great idea (I may pinch it actually) and if they are a state school they absolutely should NOT find time to provide you with free 11+ tuition!

VespaJasper Mon 03-Oct-11 17:51:54

Oh goodness. It sounds fun. And it will help with creative thinking - there's no subject or profession that doesn't benefit from that.

Dancergirl Mon 03-Oct-11 17:52:19

Fair enough, thanks for all your views.

What would you think about a 'no-screen Wednesday' then? Surely we are all more addicted to the internet, interactive whiteboards, laptops etc these days rather than pens...? Might be an interesting experiment...?

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