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to love winning?

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Bogeyface Sun 02-Oct-11 22:22:48

Even when you know you are up against a very poor opponent?

Yep, thread about a thread, sorry about that!

springydaffs Sun 02-Oct-11 22:44:31

don't know what thread yoi're talking about but I love winning too, really enjoy it and get all excited, much to other's displeasure <rollseyes>

Bit of a bad loser though don't trantrum or anything, just don't enjoy it and get a bit glum even when playing cards with the kids

Pendeen Sun 02-Oct-11 22:48:58

Winning at what?

springydaffs Sun 02-Oct-11 23:35:14

games, mostly (such a wuss)

Kayano Sun 02-Oct-11 23:37:21

I fell out with BIL because he was letting his wife cheat at a board game. I still won but I was foaming.

Just because SIL is a fooking idiot does not mean she gets 2 turns! Luckily she is now out of my life forever... Te loser skank grin

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