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AIBU to spend £80 on an advent calender for myself

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NotSuchASmugMarriedNow Sat 01-Oct-11 13:10:27

I know I am, but I really really really really want it

Would it make any difference if I told you I was 46 and have never had an advent calender?

IdjustassoonkissaWookiee Sat 01-Oct-11 13:11:38

YANBU wink grin

worraliberty Sat 01-Oct-11 13:13:31

I love the way it says "It's at the top of every woman's wish list this Christmas"

Errrr no it's not grin

FetchezLaVache Sat 01-Oct-11 13:14:15

Well that only works out at £1.73 a year! YANBU.

But YABVVU to share the link on here because now I want one too.

GeeinItLaldy Sat 01-Oct-11 13:14:28

OMG! I want. I want. I want.


NotSuchASmugMarriedNow Sat 01-Oct-11 13:15:16

The same one was £70 last year and £50 the year before which is why i've always baulked at paying that much money. - In any case, they sell out really really quickly.

I want it so badly sad

squeakytoy Sat 01-Oct-11 13:16:34

I want!!!

And each item works out at £3.33 too, so its a bargain when you look at it that way!

Greensleeves Sat 01-Oct-11 13:17:40

YANBU to spend your money on whatever your little heart desires

YABU to post about advent calendars in EARLY OCTOBER grin

GetOrfMo1Land Sat 01-Oct-11 13:21:13

God I want that.

Lancome stuff is brilliant.

Thanks for the link <gets out debit card>

nickschick Sat 01-Oct-11 13:23:32

I want to say YABU its £80 ffs butI cant need this.

allhailtheaubergine Sat 01-Oct-11 13:48:54

Oh I SO want to be snotty and sneer about this... but ... <whispers> I need it too.

aldiwhore Sat 01-Oct-11 13:50:46

Get it. Notmy cup of tea, but get it. x

WakeMeUpWhenSeptemberEnds Sat 01-Oct-11 13:54:56

Lancome is my single biggest ethical dilema as it's owned by nestle and I'm a nestle boycotter. Which is actually very easy apart from lancome stuff which is the only stuff that suits my skin.

That advent calender is waaaaaay too tempting!

trixymalixy Sat 01-Oct-11 13:55:16

Oh my! I neeeeeeed!!

nbee84 Sat 01-Oct-11 13:56:58

I need one too!

LyingWitchInTheWardrobe Sat 01-Oct-11 13:57:11

Great... thanks, OP. I want it too. angry

<<< off to check pennies...

TidyDancer Sat 01-Oct-11 13:57:14

Ooh that's the best advent calendar ever! I think I might leave the page open so DP can just 'accidentally' see it!

sunnydelight Sat 01-Oct-11 13:58:17

That looks fab - I wonder if they deliver to Oz?!

YADDDNBU. And if anyone says you are, then I am also going to BU as will be treating myself to one too.

purplepidjinawoollytangle Sat 01-Oct-11 13:59:37

How ridiculously sexist - every woman wants make up and perfume? WTAF??

From a practical point of view, if you would normally buy those products at a much higher price then look upon it as saving money. If it's full of crap you'll never use, spend a fiver on a nice Fairtrade chocolate one grin

LadyBeagleEyes Sat 01-Oct-11 13:59:59

Oh YANBU at all. I want it too. It's a bargain really.
Just imagine opening your advent calendar every day...
I love it.

LeBOF Sat 01-Oct-11 14:00:22

Yes, because the baybee Jesus really wanted us to look and smell divine for His arrival, didn't He? grin

Thumbwitch Sat 01-Oct-11 14:00:38

YABU IMO - because you might not like half the products wink.

Get one from Hotel Chocolat instead (if they even do them) - that would be more my style! grin

SnapesOnAPlane Sat 01-Oct-11 14:01:21

I've just ordered mine, I'm so excited grin I don't think I'll be able to wait for the actual days to open it.

helpmabob Sat 01-Oct-11 14:01:25

Of course you should get it and hurry before it sells out.

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