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just repoted a crime and now worried

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crimeandworried Sat 01-Oct-11 01:41:18

posting under another name.

a neighbours car widows was just been smashed, i rang the police and also knocked on neighbours door.

i now feel like my home and car maybe targeted, did i do the right thing

AgentZigzag Sat 01-Oct-11 01:48:37

Course you did smile

Or your neighbour would be facing having to find a new car because his/hers was stolen/trashed, instead of just a window.

There's no reason to think they know it's you who reported it, or will target you in any way.

Cross the worrying about repercussions bridge if it ever comes to it, and until then try to start getting your heart rate back under control <passes warm milk to OP>

crimeandworried Sat 01-Oct-11 01:52:19

i feel awful, as i could not give a discription on what these thugs look like.

just cleaned up all the broken glass, so the children and other car don't damage there feet/tires

AgentZigzag Sat 01-Oct-11 01:57:09

Your alternative was to do nothing.

Maybe the scrotes are getting up to other shit tonight and the police will be able to keep a better eye out now they know?

If anyone should feel awful it's them and not you!

crimeandworried Sat 01-Oct-11 02:01:40

this is the first time i ever witness a crime, feel really shock up.

hopefully i have cleaned up the glass, so the children don't cut there feet

DontCallMeFrothyDragon Sat 01-Oct-11 02:04:42

You did the right thing.

It's natural to feel shaken up after witnessing a crime, but the individuals involved will have no way of knowing that it was you who reported the crime.

Make yourself a cup of tea, or something and try to calm your nerves, as you won't be able to sleep if you're shaken up.

Mumcentreplus Sat 01-Oct-11 02:05:54

yes did the right did not endanger yourself and informed the authorities ...

I have called the police when I saw a crime commited in the past and it was appropriate to do so...

raffle Sat 01-Oct-11 02:37:36

Get a cuppa and rest assured that you have taken the best/most neighbourly course of action smile

MrsBloomingTroll Sat 01-Oct-11 02:58:49

You did the right thing, and well done for cleaning up the glass too.

Unfortunately without anyone seeing who did it, the police probably won't be able to find/apprehend them unless they go on to do it again.

We used to live in a road where petty car vandalism happened a few times, to us and others, and there was little the police could do.

But you have stopped further damage and, at the very least, saved your neighbour the hassle of reporting it, which I believe they would need to do for an insurance claim.

Oh, and this type of crime needs to be reported so that the police statistics are correct and "adequate" levels of police staffing can be judged.

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