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To go outside and threaten to shoot the morons outside?

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fallenninja Fri 30-Sep-11 23:14:50

Ok .. so i live in the middle of nowhere. I love it. Nearest neighbour half a mile away. Forest surrounding me. Fab. Downside, courting couples sometimes come and park up in the layby / pull in thing a hundred yards or so down the road. Sometimes lads with beer and loud music come too.

Tonight it is the lads with the loud music! I can hear the music, I can hear them laughing. It is driving my dogs crazy. They keep barrelling out of the dog flap every 5 seconds probably less but it feels like it and im being a drama queen barking their heads off running back in. Repeat repeat repeat. Its been like this for the last 2 hours

Im busy trying to sleep pratting on MN and I have to be up at 6am.

So i have a shotgun here, I have a (large) German Shepherd (or 3) I can put on a lead and threaten to release. hed probably just run back to the house though stupid dog

AIBU to go outside and demand they disperse? Id look like a nutter, im in my dressing gown, with a gun and a large dog.

GypsyMoth Fri 30-Sep-11 23:16:28

Looking like a nutter is good!!!

fallenninja Fri 30-Sep-11 23:18:24

Tbf maybe just going outside like some crazy loon would cause them to disperse without the threatening. Im sure people think we are crazy anyway.

The house has been referred to as the mad axemans cottage .....

worraliberty Fri 30-Sep-11 23:19:36

To be fair if they're not on private property and they're having a good time (not causing any trouble) I'd leave them a while least until you go to bed?

It's not their fault you can't keep your dogs from barking.

If you were already in bed or if they'd woken your kids up, I'd say YANBU

Vallhala Fri 30-Sep-11 23:20:03

You take the gun and I'll nick and add to my own pack fuss your GSD. Go for it! grin

worraliberty Fri 30-Sep-11 23:20:47

What I mean to say is 'living in the middle of nowhere' does not give you the right to some sort of silence....more so than if you lived in a city.

ChippingIn Fri 30-Sep-11 23:22:03

Have you got an Axe?

I'd go out and shoot the gun into the air grin

AgentZigzag Fri 30-Sep-11 23:22:11

I was sent to ask for directions at a lonely 'mad axemans cottage' when I was about 8.

A huge bloke dressed as Norman Bates dressed as his mother answered.

I've never run so fast grin

Let us know how many of them shit their kegs if you go ahead with it OP grin

AgentZigzag Fri 30-Sep-11 23:23:27

With or without whooping/yehawing loudly Chipping? grin

LineRunner Fri 30-Sep-11 23:23:53

Do you ghave a chainsaw and a mask?

MissVerinder Fri 30-Sep-11 23:24:31

Actually, worra it kind of does?

That's a bit like saying you've no more right to see the sea if you move to Cornwall then someone who lives in Epping.

lisad123 Fri 30-Sep-11 23:26:50

Shot gun, scarf over your face, mad crazy dogs and dressing gown. Now go grin

fallenninja Fri 30-Sep-11 23:28:09

worra the dogs are only barking cos the idiots keep running up the road and shouting at the flippen dogs. I could be less irrational and just shut the dog flap I suppose. To be fair id be cross with them if i lived in the city too ...

chipping I dont have an axe ... i might have to get one tomorrow. It would look good stuck in a tree stump glinting in the moonlight. Of course i dont need it for practical reasons (have a log splitter for that) but the effect i suspect would be brillant

val he loves a good bit of fuss does my stupid GSD. First sign of affection and hes rolling on he floor waiting for a belly tickle. Hell let anyone in the house but not let anyone out without permission. silly dog

fallenninja Fri 30-Sep-11 23:31:23

Agent wasnt my house was it? My dad used to answer the door in the middle of the night in my mums dressing gown! He reckoned if it was anyone giving him touble that sight would scare them right off.

linerunner I have a chainsaw .......

AgentZigzag Fri 30-Sep-11 23:31:50

We live in a similar place, although not as close to the 'open space' as the OP, and we get a bit of noise that wouldn't ordinarily be there.

Maybe you just expect less noise and are drawn to any after a certain time of night out in the sticks, because of the lack of background hum.

I didn't mind the noise when I lived in a city centre, but it'd freak me out to have people passing right outside my front/sitting/living room (<uncertain of term to use to not make me look common grin) now.

You choose to live in an area you know has a school, church or nightclub, but if you don't, then you don't expect that kind of noise regularly, regardless of where you are.

worraliberty Fri 30-Sep-11 23:33:00

No it doesn't MissV

Seeing the see would simply involve walking to the beach and opening your eyes

Moving to the middle of nowhere does not guarantee other people won't be there too as they have every right to be.

OP, yes keep the dogs in if they are outside barking at people.

worraliberty Fri 30-Sep-11 23:34:17

I meant 'sea' obviously blush

Anyway OP, I hope the noise stops soon but it's not like you're trying to sleep is it?

When you do try to sleep, if they're preventing you then tell them to fuck off by all means grin

fallenninja Fri 30-Sep-11 23:35:59

I suppose its the type of noise IYSWIM? I can and do pretty much ignore any random animal noises (except the cats toying with shrews .. they really scream) Its the fact that its not normal I guess. Also probably doesnt help that they came really early and I wasnt asleep before they started.

AIBU really. Still I bet they would leg it if it did ......

TheWisdomOfSolomum Fri 30-Sep-11 23:36:32

Is that a common trait of GSD then? I ask cos my GOd had one that did exactly the same when I was a child. It was so soft with kids but used to terrify my DM and not let her leave the house.

AgentZigzag Fri 30-Sep-11 23:37:59

Yeah g'wan fallen, so long as you actually are a ninja.

But be advised, we're all going to scarper and let you take the rap if you do do it grin

worraliberty Fri 30-Sep-11 23:39:20

* Plays loud rap music and blames Zigzag * grin

AgentZigzag Fri 30-Sep-11 23:40:57

<tsk> you young 'uns.

<turns up Metallica to 11>

fallenninja Fri 30-Sep-11 23:42:11

lol, im a ninja in my mind. Doesnt really translate to reality though. More clumsy ... but fallen clumsy or clumsy ninja didnt sound quite so cool when i namechanged. Im a bit kungfu panda ninjary (thats not a word) for a cookie I can get pretty much anywhere.

I think im going to give them till midnight and see if they get lost. If not I shall go and look crazy and see if they run. <mad evil laugh>

worraliberty Fri 30-Sep-11 23:44:11

I think midnight is a fair compromise cos in all honesty they might not know they're disturbing anyone.

fallenninja Fri 30-Sep-11 23:44:56

I could put some heavy rock on or something couldnt I, as I come out of the house dressing gown flapping in the air, shotgun in one hand, snarling GSD in the other.

I need a witty one liner to say to them ...

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