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to laugh at 14 year old DD tonight

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Bogeyface Fri 30-Sep-11 22:39:04

when she said "ALL OF MY FRIENDS PARENTS DONT MAKE THEM.............."

It was about her going to bed. She was clearly knackered and was sent home from school first thing with a whacking migraine. She is never ill and doesnt fake it, she looked like shit and was not very well at all. She spent all morning in bed and was feeling much better by dinner time (about 6ish, not lunchtime you commoners!) and ten minutes ago I said that she should go to bed. She kicked off and I said that her school night bedtime is 10 and that as she looked tired and was yawning, and bearing in mind her migraine, she should go to bed.

I then got the old "none of my friends have a bedtime. NONE of my friends parents make them go to bed, they just go when they like!!!" and I couldnt help it, I got the giggles. I remember saying those exact words to my parents about everything from clothes, through bedtimes to homework.

So then she got in a major strop and said I didnt care about her because I was laughing at her (I wasnt, I was laughing at the fact that my parents were right!) and she went to bed. But now I do feel a bit guilty that she is feeling that no one understands, although isnt that a normal part of being a teenager?

ChippingIn Fri 30-Sep-11 22:41:54

Yep - all part of being a teenager! You have to give her something to rebel against smile

borderslass Fri 30-Sep-11 22:44:59

Yes all part and parcel of having teenagers them saying things that you said, and you saying what your parents did grin <old fart emotion>

AgentZigzag Fri 30-Sep-11 22:47:18

Oh fuck, does that mean I'm common because I thought you meant lunchtime? shock

Well I never, you live and learn...

<resolves to call it luncheon>


YANBU to laugh, maybe she would have had a strop however you'd have reacted?

AgentZigzag Fri 30-Sep-11 22:48:48

I said to my DD that I'd give her something to cry about if she carried on the other day borderslass.

Me and DH both shock and grin at each other.

Kbear Fri 30-Sep-11 22:52:38

This very morning I said to my 12 year old DD as I wrote her a cheque for another school trip... "you don't know how lucky you are, me and Daddy never got to on expensive school trips"... I heard a rushing in my ears as I was transported back to 1982!

And yes, your teenager sounds perfectly normal! Over sensitive etc, fab mood one minute then thundering up the stairs the next cos life is so unfair!

bonkers20 Fri 30-Sep-11 22:57:22

Isn't laughing at them the best bit of having a teenager? Lord know there had better be some laughs because as the teen years fast approach I'm getting a bit scared.......

AgentZigzag Fri 30-Sep-11 23:01:00

But laughing at them just shows how ' You just don't understand how I FEEL!!! <eye roll> <swear mumbles under breath> <flounces>' bonkers.

My DD's nearly 11, and I was a nightmare at 14, so I'm going to join you in being terrified.

borderslass Fri 30-Sep-11 23:01:01

No bonkers the best bit of having a teenager is getting revenge on them by embarrassing them like they embarrassed you when they were little. In fact it's your duty to do this. grin

bonkers20 Fri 30-Sep-11 23:11:40

Yay! Singing Tragedy in Sainsbury's at the like, then?! Skipping around the garden singing "jump up and down and wave your knickers in the air". That sort of thing?

I might practice tomorrow...since the weather's going to be nice an' all grin

bonkers20 Fri 30-Sep-11 23:11:58

and the like

borderslass Fri 30-Sep-11 23:15:18

Using a supermarket trolley as a ride on is fun grin <whistles absentmindly>

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