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To think my friend should have known which of 3 men were her dd's father?

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Proudnscary Fri 30-Sep-11 19:45:28

She lives abroad, dd getting married. My friend has never known which of three men are dd's father (it's a very long story!) but dd wants to know who her dad is - understandably. I genuinely don't know which one it is but they are actually all nice guys who we've known for years.
Anyway her dd has confided in me that she wants to invite these guys out for the wedding!!
Firstly is this a mad idea, what does she hope to gain, and secondly shouldn't my friend have actually known which one is the dad and be able to tell her?? I feel angry with my friend and a bit angry with her dd taking a chance on me to confide in. AIBU/WWYD??

ThatsNotMyBabyBelly Fri 30-Sep-11 19:46:30

Are any of the potential dads called Fernando?

Hassled Fri 30-Sep-11 19:47:56

Here we go again

Proudnscary Fri 30-Sep-11 19:48:16

My my

You are so cynical

PonceyMcPonce Fri 30-Sep-11 19:49:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

worraliberty Fri 30-Sep-11 19:50:21

Knowing me knowing you

Perhaps it was Alan Partridge?

VelvetSnow Fri 30-Sep-11 19:50:46

I would just keep singing, I'd get my floors fixed because one day the pipes will just explode and everyone will get soaked - not to mention the dangerous brick debris!

I'd also run around wearing a really awful pair of dungarees grin

VelvetSnow Fri 30-Sep-11 19:51:20

Cock Piss Partridge

Proudnscary Fri 30-Sep-11 19:52:12

One of Us is getting a bit carried away now Velvet, my friend's Greek villa is absolutely solid. That could never happen.

SwimLittleFish Fri 30-Sep-11 19:53:41

Yes she should, the trollop.

celebmum Fri 30-Sep-11 19:56:30

Ha ha! As I read the OP I was thinking... Oooh I know this one! grin

You all beat me to it!!

Andrewofgg Fri 30-Sep-11 19:56:44

How? If they are all of the same ethnic origin and dd does not look obviously like one, how?

aldiwhore Fri 30-Sep-11 19:58:14

Thank you, I now know what film to watch when DH works away tomorrow night... grin

Its perfectly reasonable of your friend to not know... they didn't have Jeremy Kyle way back when!

aldiwhore Fri 30-Sep-11 19:59:03

velvetsnow I LIKE those dungarees! blush

ThatsNotMyBabyBelly Fri 30-Sep-11 20:00:29

I have a sense of deja vu. Or should that be voulez-vous?

aldiwhore Fri 30-Sep-11 20:01:26


AgentZigzag Fri 30-Sep-11 20:01:40





' Dan!! '

' Dan!!! '

' DAN!!! '

'Ah, he's not seen me.'

' DAN!!! '


Your life is more interesting than mine OP.

heleninahandcart Fri 30-Sep-11 20:02:29

When was her DD born? If it was the 70's I'm surprised she even knows their names

AgentZigzag Fri 30-Sep-11 20:02:43

Sorry, I meant your 'friend' has a more interesting life than mine grin

Proudnscary Fri 30-Sep-11 20:08:57

Well Zigzag she was something of a dancing queen back in the day at Manhattan Lights disco circa 1977

aldiwhore Fri 30-Sep-11 20:09:50

All is forgiven then I say... YABU grin

BeyondLimitsOfTheLivingDead Fri 30-Sep-11 20:11:09

She should invite them all. Her mum will be very happy when she rekindles her relationship with one of them, and they might even end up getting married too or instead

Alibabaandthe80nappies Fri 30-Sep-11 20:11:13


I am now about to ruin my DH's Friday night by wanting to watch this grin

VelvetSnow Fri 30-Sep-11 20:13:16

Agent - DP has that as his ringtone! Dan.... Dan... Dan...

Drives me mad!

Let's be appalling!

booboobeedoo Fri 30-Sep-11 20:17:37

Is she broken hearted? Since the day they parted?

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