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to want to contact the bus company about this driver?

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PeggyCarter Fri 30-Sep-11 19:36:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LetThereBeRock Fri 30-Sep-11 19:37:27

Please do contact them.

worraliberty Fri 30-Sep-11 19:37:45

I really think you should

It would make his day to be appreciated I'm sure

PamBeesly Fri 30-Sep-11 19:37:48

Yes! I would, a bit of positive feedback is good. He was 'just doing his job' but he was cheerful and helpful too. I think grumpy bus drivers must be an international thing grin

LeBOF Fri 30-Sep-11 19:38:09

Oh, you should do it, definitely.

needanewname Fri 30-Sep-11 19:39:08

I think that's a great idea. We're all quick to complain when we get bad service. Nice to hear a good story for change. Definitely contact them

peeriebear Fri 30-Sep-11 19:40:43

Yes, why not smile He might get a pat on the back from his boss.
I had a lovely bus driver earlier this year- really friendly and helpful. We came up to a stop where a woman was waiting with toddler and pram, and he said "I have to stop for a few seconds!" then stopped, leaped out, kissed the woman, squished the toddler, peeped gently in the pram then leaped back on. It made my morning smile (assuming it was his wife haha)

mewantcookiesmenocanwait Fri 30-Sep-11 19:44:16

Do it, do it, do it!

You'll make his day, and the chances are you'll get on his bus again, and he'll remember you and be lovely again, and all will be lovely in the world!

featherbag Fri 30-Sep-11 19:45:30

Please do!!!

IrmaLittleteapot Fri 30-Sep-11 19:47:20

Yes do it. There's too much misery and not enough celebration of the good stuff IMO.

PeggyCarter Fri 30-Sep-11 19:48:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PeggyCarter Fri 30-Sep-11 19:49:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Madlizzy Fri 30-Sep-11 19:50:27

Definitely do it. grin

RudeEnglishLady Fri 30-Sep-11 19:51:12

Yeah, do it!

I wanted to tell KLM how fab the co-pilot (I think) on my flight last week was - he told the jobsworth ground crew to bog off and went and pulled my buggy out of the baggage hold himself so I didn't have to carry (heavy) DS to the belt. He was so charming and handsome I didnt dare to ask his name (blushing old maid moment) at the time and now I can't start describing handsome young uniformed men in an email without sounding a bit sad/desperate.

We should all do stuff like this more often.

Greenshadow Fri 30-Sep-11 19:56:49

Oh yes, do.
I work for a council and it seems as if we are continually complaining about things needing doing to higher local government offices so we also make an effort to praise when it is deserved.

ZillionChocolate Fri 30-Sep-11 20:11:16

Definitely email them. I try to send a nice email when I have really good service as often as I do to complain.

Laura17823 Fri 30-Sep-11 20:16:58

What a lovely story! Definitely contact his bosses! Another lovely story from peeriebear as well!

A number of years ago (before I could drive), I got on a bus in my home town at Christmas and the driver had decorated it with tinsel and other assorted seasonal goodies and lead a rather lively session of carols. Since I lived in OAP central, it went down a storm with the older passengers. He was an absolute star!

ilovesooty Fri 30-Sep-11 20:19:52

Yes, do it. You're not silly at all: what a great story.

hormonesnomore Fri 30-Sep-11 20:24:11

I was so pleased to read this. When I saw the title I assumed you had a complaint about the driver - it's lovely to hear stories like this which are sadly few and far between.

Yes, please contact the bus company. I'm very quick to complain about bad service but I'm equally quick to praise and I'd certainly let them know about this lovely experience.

Floggingmolly Fri 30-Sep-11 20:25:01

God, he sounds the polar opposite of the grumpy bugger I had this afternoon, definitely send the e-mail!

GwennieF Fri 30-Sep-11 20:28:25

Ah that's lovely. If you still have your ticket, the route and driver numbers should be printed on it.

freybean Fri 30-Sep-11 20:31:40

oh please do e-mail smile

cerealqueen Fri 30-Sep-11 20:33:55

Yes, do email, he'll be so made up to hear that you took the trouble!

Maisiethemorningsidecat Fri 30-Sep-11 20:35:24

Yes - you must must must contact the company! He'll not be expecting it at all, and I be he'll be delighted that someone has taken the time to write to the company. Great story - I got a lovely warm glow off the screen there smile

PeggyCarter Fri 30-Sep-11 20:36:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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