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to think that express delivery should not take 3 days?

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StickThemWithThePointyEnd Thu 29-Sep-11 10:43:49

I ordered something 3 days ago. I need it for a friend's birthday tomorrow, so I paid an additional 4 pounds for express delivery.
AIBU to expect it to have arrived by now? It is coming from somewhere in the UK, and isn't large or heavy so doesn't need a courier.

EsmeMrsP Thu 29-Sep-11 10:53:39

YANBU, at least with FedEx 'Express Delivery' is 48 hours from dispatch. Just found out this morning as I'm in the same boat as you. Really stressing about getting my friend's present in time for Saturday as it's a group present, we won't have anything to give her unless it turns up. Arghhhh...

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