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AIBU to say no to a job offer when who knows when another will come

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HistoryofReading Wed 28-Sep-11 10:55:37

Job is unexciting, travel would cost 40% of salary. It does allow for school drop off and collection and I wouldn't need to work summer holidays, but no other leave can be taken. DS has just started Foundation and I'm very wobbly about him being ill/knackered and not having any flexibility to cover this.

slavetofilofax Wed 28-Sep-11 10:59:02

As long as you are not claiming any benefits, then yanbu.

If you are claiming for anything other than childcare, yabvvu.

HooverTheHamaBeads Wed 28-Sep-11 11:00:41

I'd take it. School hours jobs are few and far between.

Blueberties Wed 28-Sep-11 11:01:31

Sounds great to me - step on the ladder.

You're not allowed to claim benefits once turned down.

Hardgoing Wed 28-Sep-11 11:02:28

Depends if you need the other 60% of the salary or can wait a while for something better to come along (e.g. if you don't need the money).

porcamiseria Wed 28-Sep-11 11:03:19

agree, if you are benefits then take the job! if not, then you do have the luxury to pick and choose a bit, why is travel; 40% os salary

HistoryofReading Wed 28-Sep-11 11:03:21

Just to clarify, I'm not claiming any benefits.

HistoryofReading Wed 28-Sep-11 11:09:40

Travel is so expensive because the hours worked each day are very, very few and the bus fare just works out 'wrong' IYSWIM, I could go twice as far for the same monthly cost (and I've looked into all the deals etc).

minipie Wed 28-Sep-11 11:10:20

Why are you looking for a job? Does your family need the money? Are you bored at home?

You've told us why you don't want to work but not why you are looking for a job in the first place... ?

By the way, employees are entitled to unpaid emergency leave to deal with children who get sick. (Though if they are going to be sick for more than a day or two, you would generally be expected to arrange other childcare for them after the first day or two). See here

OTheHugeWerewolef Wed 28-Sep-11 11:12:38

Does the job have the potential to lead on to other things? If so then definitely take it. Also as a general principle it's easier to find work when you're in work, so you may find it easier to move on to something more exciting if you take it, accept the crap money for now and just do it to get back on the ladder.

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