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to expect something to be on when the listings say it will be, and not a week later?!

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Bogeyface Wed 28-Sep-11 00:31:33

I suspect IABU to quite so pissed off about it, but really, is it that hard to make sure you show what you say you are going to show?!

Just pissed off because a film I love but lost the recording of a few years back is supposed to be on tonight (thanks to insomnia I will be up for a good few hours yet) according to the Sky listings but they have put something else on entirely! According to the channels website there should be film A on their first channel and Film B on their second but Film A is now being shown on both and the film I want to see will be on next Thursday!

Get it right please TCM!

And I cant currently justify buying the DVD before anyone suggests it!

Upwardandonward Wed 28-Sep-11 08:39:42

DVD from the library?

Illegitimate Wed 28-Sep-11 08:41:31

Illegally download it of the net

Bogeyface Wed 28-Sep-11 09:08:24

thank you for the good and the not so good suggestions!

I will just sulk and then watch it next week! I do tend to get far more cross than I should about things like this as I watch v little TV so when there is something I do want to watch I get cross when it isnt shown. Childish really grin

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