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to hate having been reminded of cloud atlas here on mn

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matronofdishonor Tue 27-Sep-11 13:21:32

There is one scene in the book involving the abuse of a young boy and it made me physically sick when i read it - i cried and threw up and it took me a long time to try and forget it.

I know that people will say it shows good writing but i honestly wish i had never read it i am tearful again just thinking about it.

I do realise it is fiction but i wish i had never read it !!!! I wish there had been some sort of warning on the cover !

Sanesometimes1 Tue 27-Sep-11 23:34:22

no, you are nbu, i think books should contain warnings too ! - I avoid anything that has any forms of child abuse ( boy called it etc), because I know it will just upset me, I can't bear reading/seeing rape scenes either, they do make me feel physically sick.

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