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To have felt redeemed

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gluttom Tue 27-Sep-11 13:18:47

Yesterday at toddler group a boy of about 2.5 started hitting my DS who is 3.9 as he wanted a train he was playing with. My ds did not give the train up but did not retaliate to hitting and just stood there looking at me. The mum was mortified - I just cuddled ds and reassured the mum that it was fine and we had been there done that and come out the other side - ds was a terrible hitter and biter before he was 3. It felt good to be nice to the mum as when ds was going through that phase some mothers used to look at him like he was a devil child and me like I was a terrible mother even though I always took him away from situation and made him sit with mr to calm down. I'm glad I wasn't a cats bum face.

WhoseGotMyEyebrows Tue 27-Sep-11 13:48:04

I've been on both sides as well. I am always nice about it as well but have had some bad reactions to my dcs being a bit physical. One mother shouted really loudly that my ds had hit her son and then proceeded to list off all the other things that he had apparently done (didn't actually see this despite the fact I was LOOKING at him!) in a really accusatory way whilst looking as my ds like he was the devil. Hers was a bit younger so I just consolled myself with the fact that hers would go through it soon enough (hopefully).

I had another one that grabbed my dds arm, yanked it and gave it a squeeze. She had been battling for a toy with this womans ds but by the time the other mum got there it was all sorted already and they were just standing smiling at each other. So I guess so was just a spiteful bitch! It was so unneccessary! My dd just looked shocked and I was so stunned I said nothing! Really should have done, feel ashamed I didn't stick up for my dc.

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