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To love Doc Martin even though it is the most unrealistic programme I have watched in a long time..

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Irishchic Mon 26-Sep-11 21:39:43

I mean, reallly! Doc M can diagnose the most obscure of illnesses just by checking someones eyes or ears and staring hard at them.

People just stroll into his surgery and get an appointment straight away.

The surgery is in his house.

Is it even any way an accurate depiction of a cornish village??

And dont get me started on the unrealistic romance between lousia and the doc fgs!

But I still love it!

slartybartfast Mon 26-Sep-11 21:40:22

ooh, me too. he is so rude, it is funny.

slartybartfast Mon 26-Sep-11 21:40:40

i think its just us.

slartybartfast Mon 26-Sep-11 21:41:09

but i miss the red headed receptionist, she was good

fedupofnamechanging Mon 26-Sep-11 21:42:22

it's lovely relaxing telly. Connor form Primeval is cute smile

Tigresswoods Mon 26-Sep-11 21:42:46

And I just looked up how out Grouty (the grandad) is. He's 88!!!

Mytholmroyd Mon 26-Sep-11 21:43:22

and me grin what freedom to say what I really think and not fret that no-one will ever like me if I do...

Irishchic Mon 26-Sep-11 21:44:30

Is connor the hubcap thief? He IS cute!

I want to go to Cornwall and stay in a village like that!

ChippingIn Mon 26-Sep-11 21:46:04

I love it too.

I miss Aunty Joan though sad and the Red Headed Receptionist.

When I was little our Drs surgery was in his house smile

I love the relationship between Louisa & the Doc!

ChippingIn Mon 26-Sep-11 21:46:59

I want whatever the receptionist has been taking!! A couple of days like that and I could get sooooooooooooo much done!!

NinkyNonker Mon 26-Sep-11 21:49:19

I love it too. I bet the receptionist comes back soon.

fedupofnamechanging Mon 26-Sep-11 21:51:11

Yep, Connor is the hubcap thief. Primeval is total shite, but worth a watch just for him. (I pretend that it's on for the kids blush )

PomBearAtTheGatesOfDawn Mon 26-Sep-11 22:05:11

I am disliking it at this exact moment because when Martin said the bit about the "green compound in the wallpaper" I shouted "Scheele's Green" and exposed myself as a sad geek in front of DH who made a hmm face blush

squeakytoy Mon 26-Sep-11 22:07:16

I have a friend who lives in a village near St Austell, that IS just like that... everyone knows everyone else, and it really is like going back 50 years in time.

learningtofly Mon 26-Sep-11 22:08:42

Continuity was a bit off tonight, he got the surnames mixed up at the end. But I still like it!

KittyWalker Mon 26-Sep-11 22:10:40

DH is a GP and some days would LOVE to be as rude as Doc M......but he's not!

Mathewbellamyismyman Mon 26-Sep-11 22:11:19

It's fab. Husband models himself on Doc Martin. Connor and the nice young man helping Martin's auntie (the son of the fat restauranter) is fandabbiedossie!!!

Mathewbellamyismyman Mon 26-Sep-11 22:11:38


Irishchic Mon 26-Sep-11 22:13:46

I just cant believe villages like that still exist. Even in remote west of Ireland they appear to have joined the 21st century. Its pure escapism. That said, I live in a small town, around 5k people. You couldnt say you know everyone, but you know enough of the population to feel like you know everyone. Sometimes that drives me nuts and I long for my past life as a city girl.

dealer Mon 26-Sep-11 22:14:24

I'm a snozzler (St Austeller) and yes it's as squeakytoy describes. Which village is your friend from squeaky? Mevagissey maybe? That's quite Doc Martinish.

Irishchic Mon 26-Sep-11 22:18:04

Really dealer? Right, I'm off to Cornwall next summer for our family holiday!

squeakytoy Mon 26-Sep-11 22:20:05

Dealer, a place called Fowey. Its lovely there, and really is like going back to the good old days. I could happily live there.

slartybartfast Mon 26-Sep-11 22:22:54

isnt he suposed to have ocd, or did at some point, he probalby has aspergers or something wink least thats what i think <<ignoramus>> when i watch it.
or jsut a real character

and my GP practice was in their house when i was a child.

dealer Mon 26-Sep-11 22:24:04

It's not a programme I've seen very often, but when I have it seems to be populated by peculiar people who all know each other, and get stuck in strange scenarios. I now live in Sussex, and I can categorically say that there are far more peculiar people in Cornwall than Sussex, in a lovely way though.

The difference when I go back is massive. And my mother's house is like a miniature version, since she takes in all the strange people with alarming frequency, and usually has a house full of elderly cornish lodgers.
You'd love it!

squeakytoy Mon 26-Sep-11 22:24:15

he had a fear of blood in the first series, but I think he got over it..

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