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AIBU to give an Ebay win to BF's DS for Christmas?

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allibaba Mon 26-Sep-11 15:13:45

Purely an etiquette question here, please don't think I'm being really cheap though!!

I've won a couple of auctions on Ebay this week for a particularly brand of toy as planning Christmas for my DS already (being super organised only becuase am due to give birth to DS2 on Christmas Eve!). Anyway, 2 lots I have won have the same police car in them and I thought could I give one of the cars to my BF's DS as a Christmas present?

Its in perfect working order, with no scratches but obviously not in original box so clearly not something I've got from the shop.

Now I'm typing this I'm thinking "OMG, I do sound really cheap" but I wouldn't want the toy to go to waste as my DS won't need two of them will he? Would IBU to give her the present? Or will this just go down really bad...

VajazzleMyPumpkin Mon 26-Sep-11 15:16:59

Yep definetly, I have done the same. Only two more Christmas presents to get.

<yes im a saddo>

LaWeasel Mon 26-Sep-11 15:17:07

I think it's fine! As long as it works and is in good condition there's nothing wrong with it. You could always dress it up with a little box and some tissue paper (and maybe a few sweets) if you were feeling super organised.

stinkyfluffycat Mon 26-Sep-11 15:17:29

Why not just ask her? Explain you've won the same thing twice and ask if her son would like one for Christmas as you don't need two? If you feel cheap you could always get him a little something else and give is as part of his present?

MogandMe Mon 26-Sep-11 15:26:47

I have purchased something of ebay for the child I look after for their birthday.

My boss thinks it would be silly to be silly to pay full price for something DC wants if you can get it cheaper else where.

I would give as a gift - just wrap nicely in cellophane.

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