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to wish that DP wouldn't try and be helpful

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theredhen Mon 26-Sep-11 10:16:56

I do all the laundry in for our family. Once in a blue moon DP will see lots of washing in the laundry basket and think he is helping by putting a load of washing on just before I go to work.

He MIGHT take it out of the machine and crumple hang it out on the line but he will never get it in and fold it and put it away. If I ask him to put the washing away, he takes it off the line and throws it on the floor in a heap on the various bedroom floors. hmm

So if I don't put a load of washing in the morning, it's invariably because I know I won't have time to sort it out in the evening when I get home from work and running around after kids.

The water pressure where we live is awful so you have to manually put fabric conditioner in at the right time or rinse the load and add it then. He never does this.

So he saves me a two minute job of filling the machine and creates me an hours work in the evening with all the extra putting away and ironing I will have to do because he doesn't hang things properly and / or use fabric conditioner.

I know he is trying to help, but it's not helpful.

aldiwhore Mon 26-Sep-11 10:21:30


My DH is actually rather good, and helpful. He's a demon with the washing machine and hanging it out, and even brings it in before it bleaches in the sun after days and days.

I'm rubbish, but I do have a system. One load a day, washed dried, ironed/folded and put away.

DH will gather every single item of fabric (clean or unclean) and wash it, dry it, and chuck it on the floor. Cue an 8hr shift of ironing from me (hate ironing) whilst the house falls apart.

IABU.... he does not recognise my system of washing things when they're dirty and getting them wash dried and put away on the same day (apart from when I forget there's washing on the line and it bleaches in the sun).

YANBU. My DH "helps" by putting a load in the machine, washing it, then forgetting about it. It will rarely be sorted and he has ruined a lot of clothes over the years.

rhondajean Mon 26-Sep-11 10:28:14

Aw bless -YANBU but how difficult to tell him please stop helping!!

DH is good at putting on washing but not good at putting it up (lots of wrinkles). He will iron, but its a slow and painful process. He unloads the tumble drier, but doesnt fold the washing. Its still better than having to do it all myself.

Could be worse - remember last nights poster with the hubby who put diesel in their petrol car (or vice versa) and cost them £1500!

Imnotaslimjim Mon 26-Sep-11 10:41:57

YANBU and I totally understand where you are coming from

DH "helped" over the weekend by filling the dishwasher. Which included putting DC's melamime plates on the bottom so one has melted, and leaving 2 bowls upside down so I got soaked they filled with water

Sometimes it is easier to just do it yourself!

Do you think its an evil plot on some unknown site called DHnet to do everything so badly that we plead for them not to help smile

redexpat Mon 26-Sep-11 10:59:06

I'd delegate another job for him to do. He obviously wants to help - milk it!

theredhen Mon 26-Sep-11 15:45:42

They say that some men are incapable of seeing what needs doing. The hoovering would have been a much better option this morning. hmm

Or even better, the ironing that I'm going to have to do later......

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