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To feel just a leeeeeetle pissed off

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BimboNo5 Mon 26-Sep-11 00:03:51

At being branded a troll with fuck all evidence?
And hope MNHQ could offer some assistance to me? Fair enough people not liking my posts but im really annoyed being branded a troll to be honest.

squeakytoy Mon 26-Sep-11 00:04:39

I wouldnt worry, it just means you are memorable grin

BimboNo5 Mon 26-Sep-11 00:05:11

Well, thats one way of putting it shock

worraliberty Mon 26-Sep-11 00:06:58

I wouldn't worry about it.

I got asked the same thing when I was new because apparently I was "Too confident to be a newbie"

What? Was I supposed to raise my hand and ask permission to type? hmm

BimboNo5 Mon 26-Sep-11 00:07:56

Yes, yes you were! Silly!

tethersend Mon 26-Sep-11 00:10:28

<impressed at worra's one-handed typing>

worraliberty Mon 26-Sep-11 00:10:37

Yeah but I would have had to type it...and with one hand too grin

I also had a couple of creepy asking if I was another poster (can't remember the name) and one that simply said "It's you isn't it? Surely you didn't think we wouldn't spot you?"


worraliberty Mon 26-Sep-11 00:11:01

tethers shock grin

squeakytoy Mon 26-Sep-11 00:12:05

It goes like this..

"blah blah blah, am I being unreasonable?"

"yes you are"

"oh you are a troll, fuck off"

On my first AIBU someone said they hoped I was a troll because the problem I was discussing was so mental sounding to sensible, normal people who aren't in any way mad (or related to my PILs) that it was hard to believe.

Don't worry about it.

BimboNo5 Mon 26-Sep-11 00:17:47

It goes 'you have to be a troll, ive searched all your posts since 1948 and you sound very similar to someone else, who once was a troll, oh and the fact you express like different opinions confirms- you are a troll, no a sock puppet, no MITMOO!'

Cathycomehome Mon 26-Sep-11 00:20:56

There are so many Mitmoos now. If you were the real one,and could prove it, you would be an Actual Celebrity and could probably have your own show on the telly and everything.

squeakytoy Mon 26-Sep-11 00:23:35

I reckon it would certainly qualify for "I am a celebrity get me out of here" grin

Cathycomehome Mon 26-Sep-11 00:26:25


LDNmummy Mon 26-Sep-11 00:27:23

Yup, this has happened to me too for the reasons listed.

FFS it does make some of the 'older more established' MN look rediculously sad at times.

MadameDefarge Mon 26-Sep-11 00:34:25

Bimbo, my love, there is never any real evidence...roll with the MN punches, its an initiation thingy....

And why the attention seeking thread?

Would you like Olivia to hold you hand when you post?

bruffin Mon 26-Sep-11 00:36:22

Do you think it has anything to the vaccinaion threads?

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