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to be peed off at my neighbours moving house

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fostermumtomany Sat 24-Sep-11 23:16:17

ok so we have been neighbours for 8 years and (i thought) good friends.
two weeks ago they were out and their dog was going crazy barking, solid for 9 hours!
we phoned him and said this: " we think something is wrong cos the dog has been yapping for 12 hours straight, dunno whats wrong, lights are on could your daughter have hurt herself, or could there be someone in there who shouldnt be, i think you should come home and check"
this turned into her braying on our door kickng off fing and jeffing at poor old dh, telling him our foster baby wakes her up every morning at 7.30am then a few seconds later tells him she is up at 6am everyday for work?!

anyhoo, dh just said "im not arguing with you i can see you are tired, can we discuss it tomorrow instead?"
apparently not as they havent spoken to us since. then today....i love this, they moved house!!!
didnt say anything, tried to do it on the sneak so we wouldnt see them, didnt knock on to say goodbye nothing.
now when his ex wife died, i was the one who took his little girls under my wing and gave them a shoulder to cry on when they were hurting, they have borrowed money from us, never paid it back, borrowed all sorts from us actually that we havent had back the shits rude buggers.
besides all that, i thought we were friends, so its really hurt that they didnt even say goodbye, not even the girls who i genuinlly loved.
was it so wrong of us to be concerned enough to ask them to come check their daughter and or house was ok, did it really warrent them being such assholes with us?

AgentZigzag Sat 24-Sep-11 23:20:39

Sounds like they've always been shitty with you and you're well shot.

What you've said is one reason why I would never get too close to any immediate neighbours, you can't escape it if you fall out.

FabbyChic Sat 24-Sep-11 23:21:07

No it did not warrant that, but there is no second guessing the reactions of some people, idiots they were clearly.

Good riddance to a bad lot I'd say.

fostermumtomany Sat 24-Sep-11 23:28:08

thank you both, i cant get my head round why she would kick off at my hubby like that, i mean bless him he is terrified of confrontation and so it really got to him when she did it. that said i am not afraid of confrontation and had i have answered the door to her rant i would have ragged her over the fence.
it was completely unjustified and what really grates me is we still dont know why the bloody dog was yapping, although im guessing that being left alone for hours and hours might have something to do with it.
but still, it did hurt. i will miss the girls, i have watched them grow up and held their hand etc. Shenasty cow with them, the stereo typical evil stepmother. so any issues the girls had, they came to me be it period problems, boy trouble, bullying etc.
the fact that the girls didnt say goodbye has broken my heart and when hubby went to work tonight i had a bit of a cry at the loss of them. we dont even know where they have moved to. they were renting and hubby said that the way they have moved house (on the sneak) tells him they either owe rent money or they are running away from bailiffs or something like that.
which is sad as i would have helped them.
im starting to think that while i thought of them as friends, the feeling might not have been mutual sad

MissVerinder Sat 24-Sep-11 23:30:22

Ahh, FMTM the girls will always remember you fondly. Maybe you could look them up on FB if they're old enough?

AgentZigzag Sat 24-Sep-11 23:39:09

I can understand why you'd be upset at things not being as you read them to be re them as friends, it's a bit unnerving when you thought you had it sussed.

And the girls as well, it's easy for me to say you're well shot, but you sound genuinely fond of them.

Maybe they'll get in touch at a later time?

At least you'll know they'll know where you are grin

fostermumtomany Sat 24-Sep-11 23:56:25

azz, i didnt think of that so thank you.
i do hope they will continue to pop round for a chat and a hug, they brought so much laughter into my house with their nutty ways.

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