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Military Q&A

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GingerWrath Sat 24-Sep-11 21:35:46

I am completely fucked off with the anti Military stance on this site, So AIBU to be wanting to set the record straight? Ask me a question and Military people and myself will try and answer (within the Official Secrets Act)

SarahStratton Sat 24-Sep-11 21:36:49

You're Mitmoo, aren't you? hmm

GingerWrath Sat 24-Sep-11 21:37:57

Nope, I am The Wrath! I will be vouched for!

whatsallthehullaballoo Sat 24-Sep-11 21:38:12

I didn't realise that MN was anti military confused

Are you mitmoo? Argh this thread is very strange.

MiseryBusiness Sat 24-Sep-11 21:38:32

Anti Military?

Examples? smile

AgentZigzag Sat 24-Sep-11 21:38:47

What kinds of questions are you anticipating posters asking?

It's sad you feel there is an anti miliatary stance on MN, but I've never noticed anything, and I spend far too much time on here.

hobnobsaremyfave Sat 24-Sep-11 21:38:55


whatsallthehullaballoo Sat 24-Sep-11 21:39:05

<withdraws Mitmoo comment>

<remains confused>

AgentZigzag Sat 24-Sep-11 21:40:40

I've got a question.

Are the blokes in the SAS really as cool as fuck?

Can women get into the SAS do you know?

fivegomadindorset Sat 24-Sep-11 21:40:58

Could you please let me know in advance when you are planning to move a tank with a police escort so that I am not late picking up my DC's from school.

GingerWrath Sat 24-Sep-11 21:41:10

I have lurked for months, and have seen it lots, I just think I if people have questions, I will try and answer, nothing strange about that.

SarahStratton Sat 24-Sep-11 21:41:11

Army brat here.

Not seen any anti Military stance. Maybe you're just rubbing people up the wrong way?

<humps hobnob's leg> see, that's how you do it Mitmoo . grin

meditrina Sat 24-Sep-11 21:41:28

Arse, Prune, RR or RP? And why?

mandwa78 Sat 24-Sep-11 21:41:38

Yes SAS are cool as fuck and no they dont take women apart from in admin roles

AgentZigzag Sat 24-Sep-11 21:41:40

Oops, the spanish inquisition, I accidently asked two questions grin

MiseryBusiness Sat 24-Sep-11 21:41:51

Women cant join the elite or special forces smile

I'd imagine they were pretty cool in general, SBS are cooler though

whatsallthehullaballoo Sat 24-Sep-11 21:42:09

As far as I am aware women can and do serve along side the SAS BUT they are not in the SAS.

And yes...they are as cool as fuck wink

OpenMouthInsertFoot Sat 24-Sep-11 21:42:21

I have a question.

How many wars do you think would have been fought throughout history if the people who declared them were expected to fight them on the front line?

ilovesooty Sat 24-Sep-11 21:42:52

So how does disagreeing with the OP on the urine testing thread = "anti military stance"?

AgentZigzag Sat 24-Sep-11 21:42:58

Thanks mandwa, I'm reassured to have that knowledge smile

Have they ever been challenged on not taking women on?

herbietea Sat 24-Sep-11 21:42:59

Message withdrawn

GingerWrath Sat 24-Sep-11 21:43:09

AgentZigzag I have never personally met any SAS so I couldn't tell you, and yes there are female SAS.

MiseryBusiness Sat 24-Sep-11 21:43:10

Not many I'd imagine smile

BlowHole Sat 24-Sep-11 21:43:58

Op what are your credentials?

whatsallthehullaballoo Sat 24-Sep-11 21:44:22

I thought military was respected on here?

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