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AIBU to think that it's disgusting that companies don't sell cheap holidays to single parent families?

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spacester Fri 23-Sep-11 20:29:58

I am not a single parent. But I am thinking about taking both the kids (DS2, DD6) on my own on holiday for a week next summer to give my DW a well-earned break without them. She doesn't want to go away - would rather take it easy for a week putting feet up with a book, than get on a plane to some hot foreign country (she hates the heat and travelling!).

So I go to Expedia, ZERO package holidays for 1 adult + 2 children, but plenty for 2+2. Go to Thomson, and "children go free", unless only 1 adult travels (seems for a £560 per person holiday, I would be paying £1800, despite the "kids go free" advertisement all over the website).

Am I being unreasonable in thinking this isn't on?

GracieFavour Fri 23-Sep-11 20:30:58

no money in single parents is there

CurrySpice Fri 23-Sep-11 20:31:32

I think it's a rip off. Took the kids to Turkey in May and had to pay for my DD1 (who is 11) as an adult!

cardibach Fri 23-Sep-11 20:32:38

You are not wrong. I got extra charges travelling with my daughter for 'under-occupancy'. There were 2 of us in a twin room...
The thing is, they could sell that twin room to two adults, so I kind of see their point. Makes life difficult, though.

icooksocks Fri 23-Sep-11 20:35:29

YANBU, I have the opposite problem-I have 3 children and struggle to fit the third one in. Unless you are 2+2 then holidays are shite!
Go to France on the ferry, thats what we do

bigredtractor Fri 23-Sep-11 20:36:03

I completely agree- I was equally 'outraged of Tunbridge Wells' recently as we're in the same situation, wanting to go on holiday with a friend and her 2 girls- they're both being charged as adults, aged 2!

spacester Fri 23-Sep-11 20:37:20

Yeah - seriously thinking about hiring a villa or chalet for a week and driving to France. But I quite fancied package deal, pool, beach etc. for once - has been years since I have been on a holiday like that!

SoftKittyWarmKitty Fri 23-Sep-11 20:37:49

I've taken DS abroad twice and paid full price for him both times. As a single parent, it's one of those things you just have to suck up and deal with, so think yourself lucky it's just a one-off for you - for some of us this is the reality every time we want to go away.

On a more positive note, try phoning the First Choice and Thomson call centres as some of their hotels offer single parent deals but you can only book them via a call centre.

slavetofilofax Fri 23-Sep-11 20:38:46

Apart from the flight, it doesn't really cost that much more to have two adults rather than one. You will still end up with the same accomodation if there is only one of you with two children, and from the tour operators pov, the transfe will still be the same. The best thing to do is to book flights and accomodation separately, but YABU to think that single parenst should get disproprtionatly cheap holidays.

ThePosieParker Fri 23-Sep-11 20:39:02

I have four children and it's extortionate, barely any family rooms out there.

spacester Fri 23-Sep-11 20:40:12

bigredtractor - exactly. Outraged!

Holiday in question - £560 per person
2 adults + 2 kids = £1120 (kids go free)
1 adult + 2 kid (2 and 6 FFS) = £1810 (adult price plus supplement for reduced occupancy)

How can they justify that?

spacester Fri 23-Sep-11 20:42:24

slavetofilofax - but what about disproportionately expensive holidays?

catgirl1976 Fri 23-Sep-11 20:43:38

Don't book a package - book the different elements yourself and save money??

mumblechum1 Fri 23-Sep-11 20:44:25

Don't go on a package, then. I've never done a package, always just booked flights and accom separately.

zukiecat Fri 23-Sep-11 20:45:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Couldnt you just book it for four people instead in that case ?

AurraSing Fri 23-Sep-11 20:48:31

Could the 2 adults plus 2 children deal and just you and dc turn up?

grumplestilskin Fri 23-Sep-11 20:52:32

are foreign holidays a need/necessity/right then?

think about it logically, why should they charge less to change a bed that ones person slept in than it would if two people slept in it together? (but lots do, often you get charged per person not per room, now THAT'S a rip off, it costs them no more in electricity/laundry etc

spacester Fri 23-Sep-11 20:52:41

I guess we'll be driving to France, or maybe book flights/hotel separately smile

ApocalypseCheeseToastie - I think if you book for 4, turn up to airport with 3, they won't allow you to travel. T's & C's are fairly restrictive on these deals.

zukiecat - so sorry for your situation! I guess your situation is why there aren't any deals out there for single parents - they don't have enough money sad Capitalism is a bitch sometimes.

Sirzy Fri 23-Sep-11 20:55:10

It is annoying! Thankfully I normally go away with my parents so we get a 2 bed apartment with them in one room and me and DS in the other to save on the cost. For an apartment for just the 2 of us it would be a daft price!

spacester Fri 23-Sep-11 20:55:31

grumplestilskin - not a need or right. But to charge more (much more - 50% more!) for 3 people instead of 4? Seems unreasonable to me and lots of families are not 2+2.

yeahyeahitsallmyfault Fri 23-Sep-11 20:58:15

we had a similar situation with a kids go free but only kids from 2 - 14. Our DD2 is <1 and was going to be charged at £150. I rang argued the toss and the charge was waved. If it doesn't make sense then often the provider can see that and it's worth talking to them.

In your situation I would have phoned and suggested that I would take a blow up doll with me and pay for it, sleep with it and treat it as my girlfriend beside the pool. So Mr Holiday provider save the other guests the embarrassment of you having her sit with me for breakfast.... You might need to escalate it beyond the person that answers the phone but I'd DEF give it a good go.

squeakytoy Fri 23-Sep-11 21:06:10

I think if you book for 4, turn up to airport with 3, they won't allow you to travel

I am almost certain that is not true.

I can't imagine they'd care, worth looking into it.

My mum had the same problem when we were growing up, she was a single mum of four, and she worked in a college so hols had to be taken term time, we used to go abroad withclub cantabrica as they were quite fair with deals.

travailtotravel Fri 23-Sep-11 21:11:21

Try explore

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