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To be pissed off that aitch .......

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miniwedge Fri 23-Sep-11 19:33:53

has not signed off the round up with x's.

She normally does, it always gives me a small sense of well being. I am worried that we have upset her.

A bit like when I don't end my texts to dp with an x because he has annoyed me so I get all passive aggressive on his arse and he doesn't notice

miniwedge Fri 23-Sep-11 19:35:04

disclaimer this is meant to be lighthearted.

justaboutstillhere Fri 23-Sep-11 19:36:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

fruitshootsandheaves Fri 23-Sep-11 19:37:33

can you shoot someone slowly?

what do you use? M25 bullets?

FrauLindor Fri 23-Sep-11 19:40:50


As you have not congratulated me on having a thread in the round-up.

Have you considered that perhaps Aitch has been kidnapped by aliens and they do not know that she normally signs off with xxxs.

It is a secret sign from Aitch, that we need to send the MN Alien Posse to rescue her.

TashHag Fri 23-Sep-11 19:49:41

It was probably written by a ganger aitch...

Tewkespeggy Fri 23-Sep-11 19:55:25

from your title i thought it was a thread about Haitches!

just to cheer give you a laugh....

I hold a post graduate degree and diploma and have been a member of a professional organisation for the past 20 years. I earn more than my counterparts because i am highly educated in an industry that isnt. BUT i'm also from Liverpool and have a really strong scouse accent. No problem if you live in liverpool, but i now live on a small island on the south coast.... (not boasting just setting the scene)

I started working for a bloke on a temporary basis and after a month he said to me....' I have to tell you this xxx, bit its spelt aitch and said aitch and not H!' and then fucked off to the pub! i wouldnt have minded if the outburst hadnt come out of nowhere without warning... like a sneeze!

Poor boy...must have been bugging him since i started but i soon got my own back!

ChaoticAngeloftheUnderworld Fri 23-Sep-11 20:00:47

grin at M25 bullets

Maybe Aitch is being passive aggressive too?

miniwedge Fri 23-Sep-11 20:44:26

Frau lindor - you are actually taking the piss. Having NEVER had a thread in round up you appear to be stealth boasting. I am not bitter. Not at all.

Shooting is fine although I feel that five ways corner bullets may be far more torturous than m25s.

FrauLindor Fri 23-Sep-11 21:17:37

Sorry, Mini. But I have great hopes of you getting on the round up next week if you bribe Aitch with chocolate

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