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To expect 30% as indicated on the pack?

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fanjobiscuit Fri 23-Sep-11 14:01:56

Just been to Lidl for s few things.

Saw some mince ,best before 24th but at 30% off would be fine for tonight /freeze. I picked up 2 packs and paid for all the groceries. The total was way above what I mentally tallied so I went through the receipt.
I found that although the discount had been applied correctly there was a sum added for each pack I bought. I queried it with the assistant who said -yes that was supposed to happen !!! confused

Apparently there was a buy 2 for a certain price (which was not labelled anywhere on the meat fridge) and the computer decides that you can only have 1 discount at a time. So, if you buy 2 packs for £2.69 each ,less 30% which is 81p each the computer then adds 62p each ( which was the original discount) making a huge saving of 19p each (but cant be arsed to work out what the percentage is) .
The assistant and deputy manger were very polite and helpful and agreed that perhaps it was not the best discount . The assistant offered (much to the chagrin of the queue) to put the packs through individually which would then apply the discount correctly but I was past caring and asked for my money back. I was out of the shop before realising that they had short-changed me.sad

Ever wished you had just not bothered.

freybean Fri 23-Sep-11 14:36:17

so they tried to help, but you walked off?

and now your moaning?

HeidiHole Fri 23-Sep-11 14:41:08

Freybean YY ironic isn't it?

fanjobiscuit Fri 23-Sep-11 21:30:59

What ?

Did either of you actually read the post?

It wasnt that the problem was resolvable but that it was there in the first place. And that it took three of us to reach a sort of conclusion.

And indirectly to warn other Lidl shoppers that this is happening due to their computer system.

Apparently too obscure for you both.

Sirzy Fri 23-Sep-11 21:54:19

I thought it was always the case that if a product was reduced further due to being close it is sell by date that all other offers on the product became nul and void?

Would probably be easier for them to label it with the new price rather than a % off that is going to cause confusion in cases like this though.

SquongebobSparepants Fri 23-Sep-11 22:19:37

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

bebanjo Fri 23-Sep-11 22:50:51

I see what you mean,YANBU.

Oakmaiden Fri 23-Sep-11 22:59:42

You see, I am fairly sure that whenever I have bought things on 2 fro 3, or BOGOF offers, and ones of the items has been reduced due to sell by date, then they have given me the multibuy discount AND then taken the money off for the sell by discount.

I don't shop in Lidl though.

brummiemummie Sat 24-Sep-11 00:07:59

YANBU to expect the 30% discount, no. But they offered to solve the problem for you - it was your being "past caring" that meant you didn't get it - so it evidently didn't bother you that much hmm

Yes, the till got it wrong, but WTF did you expect the assistant to do other than what she did?

Morloth Sat 24-Sep-11 00:18:11

That is annoying, but I would have let them put them through individually.

Happily here discounts are 'stackable'. So you would have got the 2for1 and then 30% off that price, making it an excellent bargain.

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