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to want to cry because i keep hitting myself in the face?

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TheLadyEvenstar Thu 22-Sep-11 22:45:46

I had a Biers block today and keep forgetting I have a jelly arm and go to scratch my face/head/ear/eye but it my face instead grin

ButteryPie Thu 22-Sep-11 22:47:36

What's a biers block?

Sounds like a barrel of laughs :D

(possibly the reason you would have such a thing isn't, but hey, silver lining?)

TheLadyEvenstar Thu 22-Sep-11 22:50:39

Buttery, it is an anesetic administered into my shoulder/neck by 7 needles to enable surgeons to carry out rebuilding my finger - (which they did successfully).

But you know the scene in Harry potter where his arm is broken ane the professor accidently makes his bones disappear? well thats what my arm is like except i have the bones still just no control grin

ConstanceNoring Thu 22-Sep-11 22:53:57

Oh TLE you have made me laugh!! Just go to bed before you do yourself an injury wink

I have wine block right now, DH is away and I'm enjoying the whole sofa to myself plus a bottle bit of wine. Just occurred to me there's a whole bed up there to have all to myself too.

worraliberty Thu 22-Sep-11 22:54:51

Why did your finger need rebuilding?

TheLadyEvenstar Thu 22-Sep-11 22:56:02

Constance, it is making me laugh now. I tried to hang DS2s uniform up earlier and kept hitting the window, not good when you have had reconstructive surgery lol

TheLadyEvenstar Thu 22-Sep-11 22:58:16


I collected DS2 from school on Monday and as I left the building the main security door slammed shut (think the wind blew it) and forced my hand into the lock cutting off part of the tip, part of the bone and fracturing my finger.

But the magic plastic surgeon made it all better today,

Felt a tit tbh I mean most people see a plastic surgeon about boobs, noses etc - me? well I went about my finger!!!

worraliberty Thu 22-Sep-11 22:59:42

Oh dear God I had to ask didn't I? shock


Hope you're better soon sad

Word of probably shouldn't be feeling your tit at this stage grin

TheLadyEvenstar Thu 22-Sep-11 23:02:13

Take it you don;t want to see photos then Worra? wink

and if i don't feel my tit I aint got nobody else to do it grin

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