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to have only got off the sofa for food

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gluttom Wed 21-Sep-11 13:23:07

39 weeks pregnant - bit down that still am as DS2 came at 38 weeks. Both dc at nursery today (my usual work day) and i have not done a bloody thing today -was going to hoover stairs, put shopping away and run a few errands. Was up all night worrying about baby not moving - she woke up a bit now. Have just got off sofa to go to kitchen. Baby is never going to come if i don't do some exercise,

PuspornInBoots Wed 21-Sep-11 13:40:57

Get in the bath, hook one leg over the side and shout "Swim towards the LIGHT" grin

Is the food pineapple or curry? grin

bringmesunshine2009 Wed 21-Sep-11 13:48:01


You would be a fool to start doing chores now. Babies only come out when you are relaxed and extra well rested. Call up local salon, get pedicure and lengthy head massage.

Fact. From Wikibringmesunshine2009 based on a compodium of anecdotal evidence compiled only by me.

gluttom Wed 21-Sep-11 13:48:20

no not even that - feel so despondent that not trying any self inducing techniques - tried them all with DS1 and ended up with awful wind - 2 pinaepples for lunch followed by curry for tea - was on the toilet the whole of the next day and baby didn't come for another 5 days.

grin I had an allergic reaction to the pineapple with DS, having never had a problem before or since...

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