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To think this is taking the P...

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chickydoo Tue 20-Sep-11 23:08:51

Maybe this should be in style and beauty, but...
AIBU to be really hacked off when I went to buy a concealer (spot cover stick)
made by Nars, have used the same one for 4 years.
In May cost £12.50 for a 4 gram stick.
Today, new one, new packaging (big deal) 2 gram stick £17.95.
Not only have they halved the size, but the greedy devils of Nars have put the price up too!!! Damn what do I buy.
Have you had this happen with anything else?

DoMeDon Tue 20-Sep-11 23:12:37

Think YAB a little U - it is their roduct to price and sell as they see fit. You don;t have to buy it. Shame when a product becomes prohibitvely expensive or is discontinued though - I feel your pain.

DoMeDon Tue 20-Sep-11 23:13:15

*thier Product"

Kayano Tue 20-Sep-11 23:18:38

YABU to use NARS concealer

northernruth Tue 20-Sep-11 23:22:05

YABU to post this tonight, after I spent all bleeding afternoon shopping for a decent concealer. Where was your recommendation yesterday when I needed it???

chickydoo Tue 20-Sep-11 23:28:03

sorry Northernruth, BUT don't buy Nars far far far to expensive!!!!
Kayano...I never said I got it at the new price smile

Kayano Tue 20-Sep-11 23:30:55

Did you get something else? I think the next one I will try is the Revlon one... I have heard good

FYI - Barry m concealed is terrible. MAC is alright but meh...

I'm still looking for my HG concealer sad

chickydoo Tue 20-Sep-11 23:36:02

No nothing else, might try the Revlon one,or Boots no7 is supposed to be ok....
will have to see.Fingers crossed.

Doodlez Tue 20-Sep-11 23:37:37

Did it with Curly Wurlies years ago - twats.

mumblejumble Tue 20-Sep-11 23:41:49

The quality of children's clothes has gone downhill, and prices increased.
Pissed me off no end.

Alibabaandthe80nappies Tue 20-Sep-11 23:42:43

Boots makeup smells of fish, or everything I've tried from them does.

Have you tried Bobbi Brown? I have both the pot one, and the pen/brush one and rate them both.

chickydoo Tue 20-Sep-11 23:46:40

Maybe will give Bobbi brown a go.

Reminds me that Dairy milk bar is smaller now and gone up in price too. Do the manufactures think we are thick and won't notice

LaurieFairyCake Tue 20-Sep-11 23:49:03

4 times the price in 4 months!!!

That's a disgrace. Complain, seriously.

Or get one off eBay.

carernotasaint Tue 20-Sep-11 23:57:37

I saw on another website,someone say that the GOSH range at Superdrug is a similar texture to NARS.

chickydoo Tue 20-Sep-11 23:58:40

Thanks carernotasaint, have lots of ideas, so will give a few a try

aldiwhore Wed 21-Sep-11 09:17:24

The collection 2000's illuminater stick is brilliant, I prefer it to YSL touche le clait and its only £3.99.... a more hardly concealer, again collection 2000, it comes in a tube and has more substance. Max Factor and No7 also do good ones.

I found it tricky getting the right one for my skin tone, but the above products work.

northernruth Wed 21-Sep-11 09:23:32

I got a Mac one in the end. Went to Bobbi Brown as have heard good things, but they tried to sell me two products - a dark circles corrector and a concealer. Apart from the cost (would have been £34+!!) I cba to put two products on in the morning and as I am getting on a bit (44) it made my eye area look more crepey.

The Mac one I got is a liquid and is designed to stay on all day (15 hours) which I need cos when at work I touch my skin/ face all the time.

Will look out for the Collection 200 stuff and GOSH. I did have a quick look in M&S and they had a cream concealer set that was about £7, nice creamy texture and two colours in each version so you could match your own skin tone.

northernruth Wed 21-Sep-11 09:24:04

pmsl at Boots makeup smells of fish,

MummyTo2MonkeysAnd1Bug Wed 21-Sep-11 09:30:45

Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Concealer and Asga George under eye concealer are amazing smile

susiedaisy Wed 21-Sep-11 09:33:20

I think alot of manufacturers have taken advantage of this cost of living rise and stuck prices up on everything regardless of the true increase sad

Champagnevanity Wed 21-Sep-11 10:30:47

Nars is very expensive, but very good, and lasts FOREVER. well, for me it does anyway. Butt, if your looking for a concealer, Benefit Boing is amazing, and you can pick it up off ebay for a couple of quid.

northernruth Wed 21-Sep-11 14:32:55

Ooh ta Champagne, love Benefit and forgot about that!

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