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To think 'some' insurance company's are taking the piss.

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borderslass Tue 20-Sep-11 13:25:21

Just had my car insurance renewal through £678.00 for private use low mileage phoned up and discussed it as already had quote for £286.00. Now I know insurances differ a little bit but nearly £400. He tried justifying it by asking what I was getting offered such as protected no claims everything was identical. Basically told him to stick it but in a polite manner.

MollyTheMole Tue 20-Sep-11 13:51:30

envy at quote for £286

My insurance is £1300 (more than the bloody car). Admittedly I live in a bit [understatement] of a rough area and have actually got 14 years no claims but they will only take into account 2 of them as 5 of those 14 years are on a company car

But no YANBU, when I was shopping around for this insurance I was quoted nearly £3k, how I laughed.....

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