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AIBU to expect HV to actually know whats wrong with my son?

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CoffeeDog Tue 20-Sep-11 10:58:18

Heath visitor just popped by to explain about my sons 'condition' except she printed off stuff directly from the tinterweb all relating to a differnt condition.
I have no problem with her comming round if she thinks its worth it but is it to much to ask she reads his file first?

I have since refered her to wikipedia -(ped consultant suguested it to me)

Nevercan Tue 20-Sep-11 16:34:48

It would be good wouldn't it. Really sorry but I don't have much faith in them. I asked my HV how much formula I should give my baby at 6 months and she said 'the baby will tell you' - I don't think so as it can't speak lol. I wanted an idea of if I should give 2 oz or 10 oz! Found out via the internet instead!

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