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to want to get rid of the ride ons...

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PinkPoncho Mon 19-Sep-11 12:47:35

at toddler group. Especially the one with the roof. The ones there is only ever one of. It would be so much calmer without the blessed things, the bickering...two year olds find it tricky to share and it just can send some of them (mine) into a frenzy. WWYd? I might ask if we can have them out just now and again not all the time.

LaWeasel Mon 19-Sep-11 12:54:46

I think that it would be a real shame for all those kids that don't and will never have those kinds of toys at home.

DD loves them, but we've never had a garden big enough (and they can be very expensive).

I haven't noticed sharing being a major problem, it ususally only needs a parent to say 'right you can have x more minutes and then it's someone else's turn' perhaps it would be better to suggest they had more than none at all.

ragged Mon 19-Sep-11 13:49:48

Ah, I know groups that have got rid for that reason. I think it's worth discussing with group organisers, OP, but it's also a good op for children to learn to share, whether they like it or not.
We have similar issues with ride-on tractors (only 2, never enough!).

having suffered similar myself I competely agree. And there's always the one child who hogs the thing for an hour whilst the parent pretends not to notice the 20 other children clamouring for a go.

DeWe Mon 19-Sep-11 14:03:36

Dd1 loved to push around those cars. But then other children would see the seat free and get in, and she would come running to me upset. Tbh I could see the other child's position in that they would think it was not being used.

I used to get out my watch and give 5 minutes a piece...

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