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to report this family to the dog warden?

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misdee Sat 17-Sep-11 15:58:57

over the last few weeks i have been told 'stories' about two dogs very local who keep escaping. the reason i have been told is that they are the same cross breed as my dog, and people think they are my dogs.

today i was walking mine, when a bloke chased me up the street shouting 'London!' i turned and said 'no this is ralphie, your dog is female, this is a boy' lifting up my dogs front paws so the bloke could check. i found their dog later on the walk and called the owners.

the family have had a broken fence for at least 6 weeks. other people keep finding their dogs, calling the number on the tag, then sometimes waiting hours for someone to come and collect the dogs. they have waltzed into peoples homes, gardens etc.

I have called the dog warden, as aside from the fact the fence needs fixing to stop them escaping, the two young men i spoke to (the one who called my dog by his dog name, and the one who collected the dog), didnt seem interested in keeping the dogs secure and safe. we live next to a busy road, and one of the men have aid they have found them over the fields before (across 4 lanes of traffic).

GlitterySkulls Sat 17-Sep-11 16:02:03

yanbu at all. poor dogs, i'm cringing thinking what could happen to them.

Sirzy Sat 17-Sep-11 16:03:24

YANBU they should me making sure there dogs are kept safe.

misdee Sat 17-Sep-11 16:12:57

thank you.

when my other dog broke the fence, i went out and fixed it as best i could and moved stuff in the garden so they couldnt get next door.

they dont seem too bothered when the dogs escape.

am a bit annoyed that the bloke was rude about my dog, who although is the same cross breed doesnt actually look anything like the dog that was out. ralph is a curly coated labradoodle, full sized and a bit of a chunk blush theirs was a scrawny flat coated doodle and about half the size of ralphie. the only similarities that i could see was their coat colour and they both have red collors.

GypsyMoth Sat 17-Sep-11 16:33:20

They will be taken to the pound. Owners will have to pay, and probably travel miles to collect them. If not claimed they will be destroyed sad

misdee Sat 17-Sep-11 16:58:46

surely it would be cheaper for them to fix the fence then?

GypsyMoth Sat 17-Sep-11 17:00:06

You'd think so wouldn't you!

Birdsgottafly Sat 17-Sep-11 17:08:51

Are they in HA or council housing, if so they wil be warned to keep their dogs from escaping, if you report them to the HA.

What is the RSPCA like in your area, would they visit? Some areas are better than others.

The dog warden may pass this to the RSPCA.

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