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not on topic but want some advice

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AuntiePickleBottom Sat 17-Sep-11 01:22:22

i feel like me and dh are drifting apart, we never spend time alone, sex ???? what is it and we just do our own thing.

i feel so unloved and alone, and want to end the relationship because atm i feel nothing for my husband

SansaLannister Sat 17-Sep-11 01:23:46

A very foolish move, ending it.

Instead, I'd tell him exactly what you said here. I'd even print it out for courage.

Perhaps he is feeling the same way.

AgentZigzag Sat 17-Sep-11 01:25:34

How long have you felt like you do AuntieP?

And does he know how you feel?

AuntiePickleBottom Sat 17-Sep-11 01:27:27

i have said it time and time again, we have been married 4 months and already feel it was a bg mistake

FabbyChic Sat 17-Sep-11 01:33:21

Have you talked to him about how far apart you feel you have become?

Talking is good, as is spending time together doing things you wouldn't normally do, going out for a meal, the cinema, things you would do on dates.

Marriage isn't all plain sailing you have to work at keeping it alive.

It's easy to let things sleep when the drudgery of real life slips in, and every day ends up being the same.

FabbyChic Sat 17-Sep-11 01:34:07

Sleep = slide.

Crosshair Sat 17-Sep-11 01:39:27

Agree with fabby.

Hope you work something out.

AuntiePickleBottom Sat 17-Sep-11 01:45:40

the thing is, that there is nothing 'wrong' but i feel like we are 2 adults living together.

AgentZigzag Sat 17-Sep-11 01:46:53

What was your relationship like before you got married?

izzywhizzyletsgetbusy Sat 17-Sep-11 03:47:35

i feel like we are 2 adults living together

That''s exactly what you are, Auntie, and it's up to you to decide whether you want to be 2 adults united in marriage and looking forward to a future together, or 2 adults who were recently married to each other and are now looking to divorce.

Were you living together before you married? If so, and if you were happy before the marriage, what has happened to have made you feel so unloved and alone in such a short space of time?

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