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to not want to book the peppa pig tickets!

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driedapricots Thu 15-Sep-11 13:53:23

so yesterday my day was the usual 6am start - sorting 2 children, breakfast etc, off to childminders, hang out washing, empty dishwasher, fill dishwasher, get myself ready for work, do a full day's work, come home, hoover, get washing in, pick up kids, sort kids out for bed, log on, work until 10pm...log off, baby wakes for feed... I am by now exhausted and eyes red raw from being on pc best part of 10 hours. 10.15pm husband comes in from the pub where he'd been since 7pm and says he wants to take DD to see peppa pig at the theatre. Lovely. that's nice. I tell him about my uber-busy day and say i'm exhausted. He says, whilst i've got the laptop open can i book the said peppa pig theatre tickets...I lose it. He thinks I am completely selfish. AIBU???

noblegiraffe Thu 15-Sep-11 14:02:04

Why didn't you just hand the laptop over and say 'you do it, I'm off to bed' instead of 'losing it'?

driedapricots Thu 15-Sep-11 14:12:10

i did that, thought it perfectly reasonable too. only when he accused me of being selfish did i 'lose it'

munstersmum Thu 15-Sep-11 14:16:09

yanbu. think he was seeing scenario through beer glasses.
Tell him you will happliy book the tickets this evening while he cleans the bathroom wink

driedapricots Thu 15-Sep-11 14:17:04

nice. I'M out tonight though ;-)

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