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AIBU to consider the vice chair position.

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fourandahalfkids Wed 14-Sep-11 17:00:48

I have put this in the education forum but I need some quick advice and there is more traffic here so I thought I would try here aswell.

I have been a parent governor at my girls primary school since january and have completed both the G01 and G02 training. I came to the panel not knowing really what my strengths were but I had and still have a passion to see the school thrive. I havent worked for 10 years as I have been raising my children and being out of the work place for so long has left me feeling a little inadequate against the other working governor's (although they dont look down on me, it's just something I feel). I have been running a succesful toddler group for 5 years but have done nothing remotley administrative or managerial. Whatever intellect I did have is either buried very deep or gone due to years and years of baby talk. So joing the team has been quite nerve racking and I have been hoping to learn on the job and gain more experience as I go. Well, the responsibilites i have been given are not really ones that I can get my teeth into as they are rarely used (i think they were trying to break me in gently),
However this term is seeing massive changes in our school. We have a brand new deputy head who started this term, our head teacher has reseigned and will leave us at christmas. Our chair of governors stepped down due to work commitments as has our vice chair. Our core leadership team is in a very weak position. There are other more experienced governors on the team, who I feel would be much better placed to become vice chair, but they are all saying they cant do it due to work commitments. I was going to say no due to the reasons I mentioned above. But If no one else wants to do it, what happens then? I dont want to let the school down by not doing it, but I dont want to take it on and not do the school justice especially at this very difficult time.
What so you think i should do. Stick to my guns and say no, or jump in with both feet and hope I can rise to the task?

MrsRobertDuvall Wed 14-Sep-11 17:04:46

Go for it.
I say this as someone who woke up this morning as chair of dd's PFA .

MissMap Wed 14-Sep-11 17:08:38

If you are commited you will rise to the task. Be brave, bold and resolute (and ask for advice when you need it). Best wishes.

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