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to be very excited to have found a full sized piano keyboard that ............

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thecaptaincrocfamily Mon 12-Sep-11 21:40:43

teaches you which notes to press grin by lighting up the keys! So that even a complete idiot [that would be me grin can play Jerusalem........

<< ambles off to dream of being a concert pianist.....>> smile

PS My audience in ToysRUs were exceptionally tolerant! grin

sjuperwolef Mon 12-Sep-11 21:43:05

ooh can you link? im guessing its child friendly if its in toys r us? dd loves music stuff and i want something along the lines of this pretty please grin

<flutters eyelashes>

thecaptaincrocfamily Mon 12-Sep-11 21:45:27

It is fantastic! My 3 year old was playing Jerusalem grin In fact the whole family had a go which got a little tiresome after about the 8th time......DH said it has thousands of tunes though grin

<< nipping off for the link SJ smile >>

5inthebed Mon 12-Sep-11 21:46:41

I want one! remember having a Casio one as a child, loved it.

thecaptaincrocfamily Mon 12-Sep-11 21:51:24

Here it is smile

thecaptaincrocfamily Mon 12-Sep-11 21:53:04

I love the idea ....although tis only 100, not 1000 tunes. Means learning to play without the constant din of wrong notes and annoying working out which note is wrong grin

5inthebed Mon 12-Sep-11 21:53:48

Oooooooooo I want it!

sjuperwolef Mon 12-Sep-11 21:56:29

thank you! im going to let dp have a look at it and force him to let me buy it grin thats a fair bargain too <ver pleased>

thecaptaincrocfamily Mon 12-Sep-11 22:00:05

I thought so and managed to persuade DH that it would be a great -me- family present grin

thecaptaincrocfamily Mon 12-Sep-11 22:00:45

oops the crossing out is always a problem! me! grin

sjuperwolef Mon 12-Sep-11 22:03:52

its the excitement of spreading the joy grin family present is the angle i may push, ds will be born and up in no time and when dd has outgrown it ds can use it and it'll amuse me when he is busy.. yadda yadda.. practising my speech grin

thecaptaincrocfamily Mon 12-Sep-11 22:06:13

SJ they can all use it, even a little one grin .....and just imagine how wonderful it will be to hear dd playing jingle bells on Christmas Day grin (its in there because DH checked lol!)

thecaptaincrocfamily Mon 12-Sep-11 22:07:48

Ah, I see DS isn't born yet grin but just think of the subliminal benefits that will become him of listening to classical music in the womb grin

skirmish Mon 12-Sep-11 22:09:58

Does it have a bit to plug in headphones though??...grin

sjuperwolef Mon 12-Sep-11 22:10:40

true true grin your helping me along brilliantly ds will be able to sleep/cry thru watch dd playing on xmas morn and be not at all bothered astounded by her brilliance grin

thecaptaincrocfamily Mon 12-Sep-11 22:15:24

Not sure if it has headphones but perhaps we could have 4 sets of ear plugs as stocking fillers grin.
SJ - Just think your ds could be playing a concierto by 1 grin

thecaptaincrocfamily Mon 12-Sep-11 22:17:34

If this takes off then perhaps the cata----wailing beautiful violin playing might diminish! smile

trumpton Mon 12-Sep-11 22:24:24

Argos say it has a "•Speaker/headphone jack" It is looking very tempting,

thecaptaincrocfamily Mon 12-Sep-11 22:25:17

Fabulous! They can now have the apple and orange I had planned grin

sjuperwolef Tue 13-Sep-11 08:01:42

i'll have a wee beethoven on my hands wink

Jackin Tue 13-Sep-11 08:40:44

Is she going to grow up to be a member of the W.I.?

Peachy Tue 13-Sep-11 08:48:31

OOh that looks so fab, I want envy

Won't get but I want [good for soul emotiocn] <ggrrrrr>

thecaptaincrocfamily Wed 14-Sep-11 22:19:43

lol Jackin not sure whether she will but she can already bake a lovely carrot cake, so that might swing it rather than her keyboard strokes grin

thecaptaincrocfamily Wed 14-Sep-11 22:21:10

Oh the apples and orange are instead of paying for earplug stocking fillers grin incase you wondered wtf!

GetAwayFromHerYouBitch Wed 14-Sep-11 22:22:46

that is brilliant

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