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to think I'd knock on the door to say thanks if I collected something Freecycle?

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TattyDevine Sun 11-Sep-11 16:39:05

Had to get rid of a guest bed (pine bedstead, single, with trundle underneath and 2 mattresses)

Selected an interested party who emailed their interest, gave address details, arranged a mutually convenient time, and told them I'd see them then. Also gave my mobile number in case they got lost etc.

Due to the size of the items and the cumbersomness of dragging them about, DH moved them from the shed to the front of the house about 10 minutes before she was due to collect.

She turned up pretty much on time, maybe a couple of minutes early because when I looked at the clock to see if I should "look out" for her, it was only just the time she said she'd come. Walked round to the front of the house and noticed the blue shadow one of the mattresses had been casting on our porch wasn't there anymore - then realised that she had turned up and collected them without knocking.

Okay, so I wanted her to collect the items and that is what she did, so I have no issue as such however I thought it fairly odd that someone would not knock on the door and say "hi, I'm xxx, I'm here to take the bed if that's okay?

Would you knock, or would you grab and go?

ImperialBlether Sun 11-Sep-11 16:40:15

I'd knock, thank and give a bottle of wine/box of chocolates. I know you're giving it away but it's still really rude to just take it.

Terpsichore Sun 11-Sep-11 16:40:50

I'd knock. But then, I'm a polite and reasonable human being grin

blueemerald Sun 11-Sep-11 16:41:08

I think I would have presumed you had left out because you didn't want to be disturbed. But I would text later to say thanks.

ilovedjasondonovan Sun 11-Sep-11 16:41:38

If its left in the garden I would grab and go, I prefer it hthat way when I give things away myself.

EndoplasmicReticulum Sun 11-Sep-11 16:42:06

Are you sure she was the person you'd arranged to collect? You might get another knock in a few minutes from someone wondering where the bed is!

Or she might have thought you'd stuck it out the front because you were going out / busy.

I usually send an email to say thanks, wait and see if you get one. If not she's a bit rude, but no biggy, at least she turned up to collect when she said she would.

TattyDevine Sun 11-Sep-11 16:42:25

It wasn't left in the garden.

MrsGaff Sun 11-Sep-11 16:42:29

Same as blueemerald.

mymumdom Sun 11-Sep-11 16:42:42

I usually leave stuff out front if I don't want to be disturbed. Perhaps she's used to unsociable freecyclers like me? I'd email her and check she got it ok.

MadStaringEyes Sun 11-Sep-11 16:45:17

I'd knock.

I gave away some baby clothes had a sick child and had to rush out, emailed to say that they'd be in bin liners on the rist side of the shed. Daft fool took my rubbish, from the left side instead.

TattyDevine Sun 11-Sep-11 16:46:20

It doesn't sound like its terribly unusual then. Fair enough. I couldn't drive into someone's property and load something into the car without just making myself known and saying thanks so I thought it was weird though I am probably a bit odd!

AChickenCalledKorma Sun 11-Sep-11 16:47:02

I'd have assumed that you left it outside because you were either out or didn't want to be disturbed. Have sometimes collected freecycle goods that way and put a note through the doors to say thanks.

cat64 Sun 11-Sep-11 16:53:51

Message withdrawn

troisgarcons Sun 11-Sep-11 16:56:43

Are you sure it was her? - the totters vans round here would nick your granny on a zimmer frame if left unattended for 30 seconds.

I stopped one lot taking a tangle of kids bikes when they all ran in for a drink during the holidays.

The bloke up the road was decorating and popped his rads outside whilst he papered the walls - nicked within 10 mins.

hocuspontas Sun 11-Sep-11 17:07:39

Blimey! Do people bring thank-you gifts for Freecycled stuff? I'm living in the wrong area!

I sometimes leave stuff out but everyone has knocked so far. Usually we exchange e-mails afterwards so you could just email along the lines of Thanks for picking up on time, hope you like it etc, and see if she replies. If not - we can all call her an ungrateful cow!

lifechanger Sun 11-Sep-11 17:10:53

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Sidge Sun 11-Sep-11 17:11:01

I'd have assumed that it was outside because you didn't want to be disturbed, or were out.

I'd email later to say thanks.

cat64 Sun 11-Sep-11 17:13:39

Message withdrawn

ImperialBlether Sun 11-Sep-11 17:14:09

If someone gave me a bed for nothing, I'd give them a bottle of wine. Wouldn't you? I haven't done FreeCycle myself though enjoy looking at what people want.

NorkyPies Sun 11-Sep-11 17:16:49

I'd just be glad it was off my hands. Agree it would be nice if the collector emailed you later to thank, but it wouldn't bother me if they didn't.

CroissantNeuf Sun 11-Sep-11 17:19:08

I would probably presume that if it was there outside that you had put it there so as to avoid being disturbed or had gone out. I've left things on the doorstep for freecyclers before now if I've had to nip out.

I would however email afterwards to say thank you

lockets Sun 11-Sep-11 17:19:55

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

festi Sun 11-Sep-11 17:21:56

if you had left it out side I would not knock but I would say thanks via free cycle.

not every one can afford a bottle of wine, unfortunatly. I gave away a load of stuff on free cycle to a family who basicaly had nothong. I also supported a friend to furnish her house for her and dcs after leaving a womans refuge and she could not afford a bottle of wine. Granted many people who use freecycle can afford a bottle of wine but I wouldnt assume they can.

I think setting a presedenat on a feecycle site of giving a token gift would be pointless given the nature and convieniance surrounding the concept.

cat64 Sun 11-Sep-11 17:23:31

Message withdrawn

Takitezee Sun 11-Sep-11 17:25:17

If it was something big like that then yes I would knock. If it were a small item and left outside then I would presume they would not want to be disturbed and just send the usual thank you e-mail.

On the other issue (not that you brought it up OP) I think it's wrong to give a gift on freecycle. The idea is to try and reduce the landfill and both parties benefit by getting rid of something they no longer need or by receiving something they do need. Giving a gift not only goes against that but also creates more landfill.

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