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to think that posters' personal circumstances

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Glitterknickaz Fri 09-Sep-11 19:30:56

shouldn't be used against them, and that anyone has as much right to debate as anyone else?

Why on earth am I not 'allowed' to debate something of interest to me - but not actually specific to me - without my personal circs being brought into it and used against me? Why do I have to be quizzed?

Why does the thread have to be railroaded by people so utterly unable to stick to the topic in hand?

With that, I'm off.

pippilongsmurfing Fri 09-Sep-11 19:33:35

see you then!

No, I don't think YABU and agree with you.

FabbyChic Fri 09-Sep-11 19:35:15

Sorry not seen what you have posted? Want to talk about it?

GypsyMoth Fri 09-Sep-11 19:41:05

Is this about a thread?

LineRunner Fri 09-Sep-11 19:41:40

Glitterz started a thread and raised a very interesting point for debate. Another poster implied that the source of her income was relevant to the strength or otherwise of her mooted position.

LadyOfTheManor Fri 09-Sep-11 20:30:35

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

LineRunner Sun 11-Sep-11 15:46:11

LadyOfTheManor, That really is not what happened at all.

I am aware that MNHQ are now reading right through that thread and, in their own words, it's clear 'who the arses are.'

I'm certainly clear in my mind.

LadyOfTheManor Sun 11-Sep-11 16:55:38

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

Empjusa Sun 11-Sep-11 16:57:36

YANBU Glitter

Not at all!

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