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Surely I've done the right thing?

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ThatWomanAgain Fri 09-Sep-11 10:57:41

I'm posting at home today as ds and I have a vomiting bug, it's vicious! He had a hospital appointment today and I've rung to cancel. They just told me they need 48 hours notice to cancel and he may be discharged. Now surely bringing a child with D&V on to a children's outpatients is very very wrong even if I braved the bus and was sick over it and their ward?!

offonajolly Fri 09-Sep-11 10:58:25

Yes you did the right thing, did you explain why you cancelled?

SarahStratton Fri 09-Sep-11 10:58:36

You did the right thing smile

TLD2 Fri 09-Sep-11 10:59:18

Of course you did the right thing.

WilsonFrickett Fri 09-Sep-11 11:00:05

Of course you did the right thing. They wouldn't have allowed him over the door with D&V, all sorts of vulnerable-to-infection children around.

ThatWomanAgain Fri 09-Sep-11 11:08:11

I always find they are nightmares with appointments. He was discharged once before and put back on after a complaint to PALs (I DID attend but was not recorded as attending by person on desk).

Of course I explained why!

<me> I can't attend xyz as my son and I are ill, we have D&V
<nurse> but you need 48 hours notice, he can be discharged
<me> we both have D&V which started up yesterday evening. I couldn't know this would happen 48 hours ago and he would be likely to infect everyone in the waiting room if I bring him.
<nurse> hmmm, well I'll tell the doctor you're not attending

cheekeymonkey Fri 09-Sep-11 11:10:20

Plague of locusts have been sent to appointments clerk, silly caaa! All is well, hope you and DS feel better soon. smile

EssexGurl Fri 09-Sep-11 11:18:10

You are, of course, right. But I would be tempted to write in to whoever your appointment was with and set out why you didn't attend. That way you've got your correct position in writing. I am sure that the nurse won't tell the dr about the D&V - it didn't sound like she would, anyway. Then if they do discharge your DS and you need to go through PALS you will have written proof of what happened and why.

Sparklyblue Fri 09-Sep-11 12:11:45

Very good advice from EssexGirl. I would definitely do that if I were you. smile

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