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to wish the killling would piss off

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southeastastra Thu 08-Sep-11 22:03:53

i am sure it is fantastic is norweigan or whatever it was

ditto the american version

piss off now

i thank you

Vallhala Thu 08-Sep-11 22:05:25

You what matey?


Newbabynewmum Thu 08-Sep-11 22:07:30

Busy tonight SEA?!

susiedaisy Thu 08-Sep-11 22:09:23


southeastastra Thu 08-Sep-11 22:09:37

are you asking me out newbaby?

YABU. The American version pisses off next week after they show the "feature-length final episode" and it has been far better than all this red or black celebrity big brother nonsense.

wineandroses Fri 09-Sep-11 00:13:37

I love 'the killing'. Missed the (danish?) original (apparently fantastic) but was surprised how gritty the US version is. Really enjoying it.

HipHopOpotomus Fri 09-Sep-11 00:19:08

I've got both recorded on hard drive to watch. DP into the us one but I missed a couple early on and never caught up.

Might get to watch it now dd1 is back in nursery grin

ImperialBlether Fri 09-Sep-11 00:21:35

You are totally unreasonable, OP! The Danish version is the best drama I've ever seen on television.

Oh and there's going to be a new series too, soon!

mylovelymonster Fri 09-Sep-11 00:22:22

The original Danish version has been showing every Sunday-Thursday for the past 2 weeks, and another two weeks to go! I am hooked.
Missed the re-run of Spiral 1 tho, on Saturdays, AGAIN! humph.

Ifancyashandy Fri 09-Sep-11 00:24:54

Tonights episode was AMAZING. The performances were breathtaking.

Gonna watch the Danish version on DVD when this one ends.

So, to surmise YABU!

JarethTheGoblinKing Fri 09-Sep-11 00:45:06

Totally missed this,any good?

diddl Fri 09-Sep-11 07:40:44

I keep forgetting to record.

I´ve got eps 7 & 11..blushgrin

Moodykat Fri 09-Sep-11 07:44:13

YABU. It's great. If only DH would deal with subtitles we'd watch the Danish one too. Do they actually work out 'who dunnit' next week?!

Moodykat someone has hinted to me that they do but that we might not find out until the second series! Not sure what to make of that. Second series - great! Leaving me waiting - big fat no!

Moodykat Fri 09-Sep-11 23:37:28

My DH will go mad if it doesn't conclude with an answer! He has the patience of a 2 year old!

Ifancyashandy Sat 10-Sep-11 07:47:43

I think I've narrowed it down to two people - they would have been I'm v. close contact with her but haven't been investigated. One especially...

<taps nose. adjusts Deerstalker>

Moodykat Sat 10-Sep-11 07:50:04

The mum's sister (or aunt as it's otherwise known)? That's who I think but DH thinks I'm mental.

ZonkedOut Sat 10-Sep-11 07:53:06

Watched the Danish version on DVD earlier this year, very good. We got so sucked in, hardly noticed it was subtitled at all.

I've not seen the US version though, maybe someone can tell me how they compare? Is it worth watching both, how close are the plots?

MrsSnoops Sat 10-Sep-11 08:19:34

We are addicted to the Danish one. Watching it on I player and we have great catch up nights over the weekend. The performances ate amazing, particularly Nanna's parents.

Ifancyashandy Sat 10-Sep-11 08:23:07

You been looking at my crib notes Moodycat?! grin

Why did she have Roses school books in her car, hmmm?! But how it happened (if I am we are right), Lord only knows.

Pawsnclaws Sat 10-Sep-11 08:34:00

I loved the original. But the ending was a huge anticlimax. Won't say any more as I dont want to spoil it.

Moodykat Sat 10-Sep-11 08:39:33

Shandy- it's got to be something to do with councillor Richmond still too I reckon. Just not sure how!

picnicbasketcase Sat 10-Sep-11 08:44:40

Watching Danish one at the moment and I'm pretty sure I know whodunit but I'm really enjoying it. I was advised not to bother with the US version because not only was it not as good but also apparently they don't reveal who killed her at the end of the season anyway, in that curious way they do to ensure a second season.

Lambethlil Sat 10-Sep-11 08:48:24

DH saw the thread title over my shoulder and though I'd written it.

Currently watching the original Danish every blummin' night.

Its dark and subtitled and rubbish.

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