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Holy fuckorama.....AIBU to wonder who on earth would wear this crap?

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ThePosieParker Thu 08-Sep-11 19:29:21

You are not old enough to get married if you want to wear one of these

scuzy Thu 08-Sep-11 19:31:53

each to their own. i think the first one is quite pretty. they are different!

StrandedBear Thu 08-Sep-11 19:32:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Fatshionista Thu 08-Sep-11 19:33:13

Some are gorgeous.

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Thu 08-Sep-11 19:33:28

Never trust an adult who wears Disney. It makes me shudder.

ThePathanKhansWoman Thu 08-Sep-11 19:33:31

I have seen worse tbh, i like the Cinderella one blush

cleanteeth Thu 08-Sep-11 19:33:41

I like the Disney Jasmine one smile

I like the Jasmine one blush

Not that I'm in any danger of having to actually wear it mind.

StrandedBear Thu 08-Sep-11 19:34:53

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ThePosieParker Thu 08-Sep-11 19:35:04

Well, yes they are lovely.....yadaya but why would you even look when for half the price you could get a unique dress made. It's just the fact they're Disney....and wanting to look like a Disney Princess, it's rather eeeewwww.

Flisspaps Thu 08-Sep-11 19:35:06

YANBU. They'll be wanting the groom to wear this

SpidersAndVinegaroons Thu 08-Sep-11 19:35:11

Oh God no no no. Please stop me from sending the link to SIL. She's getting married next year and it 's right up her alley...

HairyBeaver Thu 08-Sep-11 19:35:13

I actually like the Belle and Cinderella ones blush

rocketty Thu 08-Sep-11 19:35:15

do they have the icky mickey mouse logo on?

otherwise, a few of them are nice dresses apart from being disney.

InfestationofLannisters Thu 08-Sep-11 19:35:24

DD adores them and wants to draw them all now smile

mistressploppy Thu 08-Sep-11 19:35:28

They just look like normal wedding dresses to me. Some meriguey, some not. The Disney thing would put me off, but it's not like anyone would know unless you had Mickey embroidered on there or something

Choufleur Thu 08-Sep-11 19:35:46

I quite like the Jasmine one. Although would be put off by the Disney brand.

dirtydishesmakemesad Thu 08-Sep-11 19:35:49

I quite like one or two! they look like normal wedding dresses to me.

mistressploppy Thu 08-Sep-11 19:36:01

arse, cross posts with rocketty

ThePosieParker Thu 08-Sep-11 19:36:31

Any good stranded?

WorzselMummage Thu 08-Sep-11 19:36:58

YABU, they are lovely!

And I am married so I must be old enough..

ThePosieParker Thu 08-Sep-11 19:37:00

or this

missmogwi Thu 08-Sep-11 19:37:24

I'm loving the Jasmine one. Which I'm surprised at as I'm a proper miserable old spinster who'll never get a sniff of it

zukiecat Thu 08-Sep-11 19:37:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

StrandedBear Thu 08-Sep-11 19:37:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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