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to think I am loosing my mind...

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justpaddling Thu 08-Sep-11 10:50:06

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

NodsSmilesandBacksAway Thu 08-Sep-11 10:54:19

losing smile

missmogwi Thu 08-Sep-11 10:54:56

Yesterday I went to put the milk in the cupboard under sink with the bleach etc.
and then talked to the cat about it

You are not alone.

justpaddling Thu 08-Sep-11 10:56:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Kayano Thu 08-Sep-11 10:56:40

I got in the shower yesterday with my glasses on...

And actually wiped te lens so I could see better rather than think 'these should not be on my face'

shakey1500 Thu 08-Sep-11 10:59:06

Was making an appointment over the phone last week. Pen in hand hovering over the calender.

Woman said "So that's Friday 9th September at 11am"

Me- "yep, that's fine, see you then, thank you"

What did I write, the nanosecond she said it? Thursday 8th September 10am"


My dh is starting to worry as am I!

Shodan Thu 08-Sep-11 11:10:47

I just stopped myself putting my newly-washed and folded teatowels in the fridge yesterday. Had the door open, hand extended with teatowels in. Stopped myself and then looked around the empty kitchen to see if anyone had noticed.

WhereYouLeftIt Thu 08-Sep-11 11:49:20

Welcome to my world. grin

cjbartlett Thu 08-Sep-11 11:51:09

I stepped into the bath this morning with my nightshirt still on blush

BatsUpMeNightie Thu 08-Sep-11 11:51:49

grin Welcome also to the galloping insanity that stalks me every day!

BatsUpMeNightie Thu 08-Sep-11 11:52:46

Particularly love the glasses in the shower madness - I have done this before so it's good to know it's not just me!

DontShootTheDog Thu 08-Sep-11 11:52:48

grin Kayano

ElizabethDarcy Thu 08-Sep-11 11:53:48

So good to see I am in good company smile

DontShootTheDog Thu 08-Sep-11 11:54:08

I once sat on loo, did a wee and realised my pants were still firmly on! Messy. Was very tired and really needed a wee, does that help?

AuntiePickleBottom Thu 08-Sep-11 11:57:17

you are not alone

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