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for wishing MN had a hide

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2shoes Wed 07-Sep-11 17:17:49

topic, like they have hide thread, so you could just click hide topic.
seems to be an influx of new topics , so would be so much easier

worraliberty Wed 07-Sep-11 17:19:26

I've never hidden anything before

I don't feel the need really. If I don't like something, I just don't click it.

beatrixkitto Wed 07-Sep-11 17:22:21

Hide poster would be better.

southeastastra Wed 07-Sep-11 17:22:52

they do confused

You can hide topics, I have hidden loadsgrin

Let me look.......

2shoes Wed 07-Sep-11 17:23:36

southeastastra I know you wally.....but you have to go all round the houses to do it,

southeastastra Wed 07-Sep-11 17:24:21

here at bottom

i hid skiing, i probably missed a right lot of fun threads there grin

Yup, easy, go to customize, it's at the bottom of the page, then hide away, my hidden list is mahoooosive.

Ha, thought I was being super helpful, did wonder why the hell you didn't know already though grin

<slinks back under rock>

lisad123 Wed 07-Sep-11 17:27:10

I need hide poster, some of you really get on my wick! grin

2shoes Wed 07-Sep-11 17:35:30

but I just want to hide them instantly........

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