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To think that Boots offer bad service?

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metalelephant Wed 07-Sep-11 11:05:44

I ordered a few bulky items from
Boots online to be dlivered to my local store, as that is without charge.
I was notified on Friday the 2nd that it would be ready to be picked up today, the 7th, from 9.

So I arrived at the store, with my husband who drove us here and took time of his work to help me, as I'm 36 weeks pregnant and not good with carrying much.

The store had not received it, after they rang Boots Online they told me the order was lost and I would have to come back to the store.

I called and asked them to deliver it to our house, waiving the delivery charge as I had already waste time expecting it at home. Initially the lady I talked to said that I couldn't even cancel the order!

I don't have see why I nee to go back, for me and my husband to take more time off when it's their fault. Surely they should cover the cost of a home delivery if it's their or their courier's fault. The customer care lady was adamant they can't do that. That's the last time I buy anything from Boots.

Aargh this is giving me tightenings!

MissMap Wed 07-Sep-11 11:10:47

In our local Boots it is in the job description that all staff must be rude and unhelpful to customers. There are a couple of staff who do not adhere to this policy, but they are in the minority.

aquafunf Wed 07-Sep-11 11:13:03

My experience of boots is similarly rubbish. i ordered xmas presents from them xmas before last. when they eventually arrived at my work address, it was obvious they hadnt been packaged properly and the packaging on the presents (gift sets of make up) was ruined. when i phoned to ask them to come pick up said ruined items, i was told they couldnt, that the only thing i could do was either return them to the store or go queue at a post office. they could only send replacements if i paid for them again, and oh, the items were now out of stock.

their systems are truly shocking which is a shame because i always found the stafff instore head and shoulders above their rivals for customer service skills.

they very begrudgingly gave me a tenners worth of advantage points, but- would you beleive it- i could only have them added to my card at one of their larger stores. they really had not thought "online" through.

if you can, order the stuff from Amazon, who are brilliant and delivery is free.

metalelephant Wed 07-Sep-11 11:29:40

Judging from the anger induced contractions I'm getting, maybe they are helping to get the baby out. Not calling her Boots though!

metalelephant Wed 07-Sep-11 11:30:13

I will consider Amazon as a name, quite cool...

tuxedoprincess Wed 07-Sep-11 12:28:24

hmmm I ordered from Boots and the pillock who delivered left parcel outside the house on a main road on doorstep in full view near a hospital and school with lots of passers by.... needless to say I only found this out when I rang to query late delivery. previously when I have ordered and been at home to receive I was impressed at how quick they were to deliver.

shakey1500 Wed 07-Sep-11 12:32:40

I wanted to order Charlie and Lola dolls from Boots online. It said "only one doll supplied" but didn't say which doll! How odd is that? Couldn't order two as law of Sod would have ensured I received 2x Charlies or vice versa.

I ordered one. Got Lola. Assistant at Boots was as non plussed as I was.

Deesus Wed 07-Sep-11 12:42:59

Not to do with deliveries but I've received similarly woeful service.

Was wearing my contact lenses, managed to get some grit in one of them and scratched my eye. I was in town very near Boots so nipped in there to ask if the optician could have a quick look just to check nothing was still in there.

Muppet of the highest order asked me a series of moronic questions.
'Are you having problems with your vision?'
'No, but i've scratched my eye, it really hurts please please could an optician just have a quick look'
Btw eye was streaming at this point and I was clearly in a bit of a state.

Muppet then, moving glacially, 'went off to ask someone'. Came back a couple of minutes later and offered me an appointment on thursday. Which was in three days time. angry DH has bits of belly button fluff with a higher IQ....

MilkNoSugarPlease Wed 07-Sep-11 13:17:01

Boots are fecking awful! DM, DDad, DB and myself all used to get glasses from Boots opticions...have done for YEARS....they've had a fortune out of us.....after their horrendous service last time ...never again....same goes for the shop

GeorgeClooneysWife Thu 08-Sep-11 01:08:54

Hm, my local Boots is lovely.

I was in it today, got to checkout and realised make-up wipes were BOGOF and lovely cashier offered to mind DD while I ran to the back of the store to grab an extra pack. Came back to find 2 other cashiers and manager having a game of peek-a-boo with DD. She was very amused. Manager gave DD a soft baby toy for free.

Maybe you all should move near me wink

metalelephant Thu 08-Sep-11 22:21:32

Or perhaps you have the perfect baby!

clareanna Thu 08-Sep-11 22:36:01

OP - have you contacted their customer care team? I found them very helpful and got some vouchers as an apology once... 0845 609 0055

good luck with the baby - they should know NEVER to irritate a pregnant woman!

babydoug Thu 08-Sep-11 22:38:03

I've always had good service at Boots and when I've gone on-line.

The only occasion where it didn't happen was when someone had a go at me for trying to pay for my bottle of coke at a make up till, but one bad encounter does not a crap company make.

Sounds like they've really let you down though.

metalelephant Thu 08-Sep-11 23:33:56

It was customer care that was adamant "there was nothing they could do" and I would have to pick it up from the store when rearranged.
I'm not really expecting them to bend over backwards, but I waited for a week and then had my morning wasted waiting for that order on the phone, so it simply didn't make sense that they were happier for me to cancel a £56 order rather than to offer home delivery!

It's probably company policy, the store staff did try to help and were nice, can't blame them...

Boo to Boots will be my motto from now on though!

Thanks everybody for your comments and suggestions x

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