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to feel a bit led on by DP?

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cleanteeth Tue 06-Sep-11 19:59:26

While we were on holiday he suggested we start trying for another baby, I was over the moon as I've been broody for ages! I've got myself all excited for it and cant stop thinking about being pregnant again, I cant help but stare and smile at people with little babies while out and about.

Now he's saying he didnt mean just yet, not until March in fact! Is it just me or is that just mean to get my hopes up so much?

LemonDifficult Tue 06-Sep-11 20:00:22

March isn't that far away. What happens in March that doesn't happen in September?

EricNorthmansMistress Tue 06-Sep-11 20:10:28

A little unfair - but it's not very long. At least you have a date smile Are you on the pill? You will be justified in stopping in...December I reckon (to make sure the hormones have time to get out of your system of course ahem ) as long as you give him a heads up...

Lucky you

SpamMarie Tue 06-Sep-11 20:12:45

I don't really understand why he would agree to trying, but only mention that there is a specific start date a while later. If the timing were that important, would he not have mentioned it during the initial conversation? I'd be a little annoyed if I were you. But then again, I wouldn't press the issue too much. You don't want to put him off entirely!

cleanteeth Tue 06-Sep-11 20:19:17

It feels like years away but I know its not that long really. I was just so excited sad
It does make sense to wait as realistically we cant move house until at least march what with DP and his business and our flat is a bit small for another baby.

IABU and will try not to pressure him too much, just wish he'd have said something in the first place

HerHissyness Tue 06-Sep-11 21:04:21

If you TTC now you will have a June baby approx.

If you start in March it will be a christmas baby.

Winter babies are cool, it's all fine etc, but when they are teeny tiny it's so hard to take them out if it's snowing/freezing, birthdays so close to christmas etc. I'd say go for TTC from June for the March/spring the following year...

HerHissyness Tue 06-Sep-11 21:05:29

My DS was born 11 days before christmas.... its fine, but parties have to be inside, or very well prepared for.

Mightimama Tue 06-Sep-11 21:33:11

I know a few people whose babies were born in December, and as much as a Christmas baby is nice, their pram was hardly used due to the winter weather. Relied on car to go most places.

BimboNo5 Tue 06-Sep-11 21:35:19

Both mine are winter babies (9 days before xmas and 4 weeks before), its never been an issue at all tbh...

BimboNo5 Tue 06-Sep-11 21:36:31

Anyway, isnt being emotionally and financially secure more important than the weather outside when they are born/have their birthdays <must be missing something icon>

Rowena8482 Tue 06-Sep-11 21:38:08

Being a cynical cow I wonder if perhaps he wanted you to be all appreciative and loving and shag him senseless with wild abandon on your holidays, so said you could have the thing you've been "nagging" to him anyway for ages, but actually, now he's had the loving with wild abandon, doesn't actually intend to give you what you want at all and is trying to make it all go away by fobbing you off. If it had been a new car, or a kitchen, then he would have promised one of those, but as it was, your heart's desire is a baby so that's what he said....

cleanteeth Tue 06-Sep-11 21:46:30

It wouldn't be too bad having the baby's birthday in winter, me, DP and my dad have birthdays on the 10th,14th and 15th of december so it would be nice to try and fit a baby in that weekend slot!

I think you may have a slight point rowena, but dont think its quite as cynical! I certainly hope not anyway or I'll be off to the sperm bank shock

Rowena8482 Tue 06-Sep-11 22:18:16

Wait for him to be snoring away after a nice bottle of wine then just pull his jamas up when you've finished clean then when he is surprised at your burgeoning bump say "but it was YOUR idea dear" and smile sweetly...
(our no4 son is only here because we were both too lazy to reach one arm out of bed and into the top drawer for a condom blush )

Rowena8482 Tue 06-Sep-11 22:18:49

oh, and no4 son is a December 13th baby grin wink

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