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to almost spontaneously combust with rage and then burst into tears!

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FrustratedFrannie Tue 06-Sep-11 14:43:31

So DD had an appointment for an eye test and contact lens check at 'Twatsavers' this morning.

The appointment was at 10.20 and they have a policy that if you are more than 5 mins late, they may not see you which is completely taking the piss as we have often waited in there more than 40 mins to be seen (myself, DD and DS all wear glasses and contact lenses so are regulars and have been for 5 years at this branch).

Due to car taking about 10 mins to get started (garage has no idea what's wrong with it) and it raining so traffic very slow, we did not get near the town centre until 10.20 so I dropped 14 year old DD off outside the opticians (no parking) so she could run in and tell them she was there and then they would not refuse to see her (it was 10.23 at this point). I rush off to park the car, get the other DCs out of the car and then rush to the opticians. DD tells me that they said they would not see her until I was there as she was under 16 - she told them that we had been delayed and I was parking the car. I was nonplussed at this as normally when she and my 9 year old DS have eye tests, the optician asks if they can go into the room alone while I wait outside.

So I tell the receptionist that I am now there and she says she will have to check if they will see her hmm. They make us wait for 10 minutes and then get the manager to tell me that they cannot see her as I did not get there until 10.30. I politely argue that I sent my DD in within their 5 minute cut off policy but they will have none of it as I was not there. My DD had told them that I was coming and would be there to sign the forms or whatever.

After all the rushing round I did to get there on time and because DD needs new glasses, at point I lost it and loudly exclaimed that their customer service was disgusting and we would take our business elsewhere.

Have since discovered that all the other opticians in town would want us to pay £50 each for a contact lens consultation if we want to get contact lenses from them when we already wear them (we have previously paid Twatsavers this). Obviously I don't want to have to shell out that much so will have to continue using them blush. I want to complain furiously though as I think their treatment of me this morning as outrageous. They are a business, not a bloody doctors surgery and were being very, very petty. When I got outside I almost burst into tears from the frustration (bad night with baby waking up) which has made me even more angry!!

AIBU to complain?

kenobi Tue 06-Sep-11 14:47:49

Get the contact lense consultaion with a different branch of Specsavers (they are all interchangeable and swap record between them) then order her lenses off the web. You get the contact consultation, they lose money, you feel better.

How's that?

GingaNinja Tue 06-Sep-11 14:51:17

YANBU. Go get em - letter to head office I have found to be effective in the past (v long time ago so they may not give a shite now; I got 15 min grovelling apology by phone from a flunky).

Personally I don't use them partly because of their 'lateness' policy which they don't stick to for themselves - and I don't think their specs are that good. I was also underwhelmed by the lack of staff competence. I don't care how bleedin cheap (for a reason!?) they are - while I can possibly afford it I go elsewhere (but you have to pay for anything and everything in Ireland anyway).

BTW you can order lenses off t'internet - you just need a recent (within last 12 months) eye test anyway. Or look at the box the lenses come in to get the details if you can't find a copy of your prescription. Even living in the arse of nowhere in Ireland I've had no difficulties ordering lenses this way.

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