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Perspective needed before i go mad!

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onlinefriend Tue 06-Sep-11 13:22:56

I have never posted one of these before so please be gentle.

I am ttc and have been using fertility strips every day.
Just went to order some more online and went to get the code off the back of one of the little packets the strips come in & noticed that it says reaction time is 10 mins, do not read after 30 mins

BUT the pack came with a sheet of printed instructions on how to use them that i have followed faithfully which said reaction time is 30 mins, do not read before this time. So i have timed 30 mins every day and read them.

I have contacted the company this morning pointing out the error so they could contact the other customers.

They sent me an email back saying, oops, yes the printed instructions are wrong, ignore them, read the results at 10 mins, they wont work at thirty and 'we'll replace the ones you've used as a thank you for pointing out the error'.

Am i going mad??

Should they not contact all the other women who are using these bl**dy things to let them know??

Obviously i have told them not to bother sending me replacements, i didn't contact them for free stuff but because i assumed they would want to sort it out.

They are so casual about the whole thing it makes me worry i'm making too big a deal of it. I could leave them negative feedback on amazon where i bought them from but i don't think it would help the people who've already bought them. Should i ask amazon to do something? Am i just being a drama queen? As I am ttc it is an emotive issue for me so could do with perspective please

dreamingbohemian Tue 06-Sep-11 13:28:15

I think you should contact Amazon and let them know one of their vendors is possibly behaving irresponsibly and ask them to look into it.

A lot of vendors on Amazon are dodgy, they are selling black market or expired goods, just repackaged. That's why sometimes you get products and instructions that don't match, because they have been reassembled somehow.

onlinefriend Tue 06-Sep-11 14:10:55

thanks dreamingbohemian, i have contacted amazon now and asked them to read the emails between us so it will be interesting to see what they say. I'm leaving off leaving negative feedback till i've calmed down!

TheSugarPlumFairy Tue 06-Sep-11 14:15:20

30 minutes? seriously! Most OPK's (ovulation predictor kits) only take 5 minutes or less.

Try these...

they are great, accurate and cheap! also delivery is super quick.

Birdsgottafly Tue 06-Sep-11 14:22:37

I think that you should put the comments on Amazon, so others know.

Amazon normally asks for the seller to contact customers, otherwise they cannot continue to trade on their site.

Unless you are or have ever ttc, you would take a casual attitude to this, out of ignorance.

onlinefriend Tue 06-Sep-11 14:25:46

thanks i was thinking of just biting the bullet and going to buy the dear ones in the shop after what had happened but i'll try these now if you've found them ok.

As for the 30 mins, i'd never used any before so didn't know what was usual just followed the instructions really closely like a good girl grr.

they sent me an email just now saying that they have identified it as an error at the printers who printed the wrong info on the sheet- they seem to think this will make me happy as it isn't their fault but of course it just means that whole print run was wrong, not just one or two leaflets for the wrong product going into wrong packets which is what i had assumed.
Leaving it to amazon now..

GingaNinja Tue 06-Sep-11 15:02:28

Yep, second the access diagnostics site. V good, v well priced and v rapid delivery I found.

Shame I don't ovulate (it turns out grin) which I initially assumed meant they didn't work. D'oh. They certainly do - and they used to send you a free PG test with every 20 OPKs too.

Good luck with TTC.

onlinefriend Tue 06-Sep-11 15:05:39

thanks GingaNinja, am hoping that you are on mn because the not ovulating thing hasn't stopped you being a mum?

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