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to ask your morning routine [school days]

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ilikethesun Tue 06-Sep-11 07:46:45

School has begun again and it is like winter outside today ....summer has gone.

So I would like to ask your morning [before school] routine.

Mine is as follows.

7am get up wash and dressed........son is doing the same.

7.20am feed and take dog out.

7.40am arrive home son has made and is eating his breakfast [he is 9]

7.45 eat breakfast and surf the internet, watch news or read.

8.25 son checks bag and gets dressed.

8.35 we leave.

mycatoscar Tue 06-Sep-11 07:53:03

on a day that I work:

Get up 6.30, dress shower etc etc
Drop dd at CM for 7.30, go to work.

On a day off:

Get up 7.30
Get us both dressed
breakfast by 8am,
listen to dd read her school book, check bag, brush teeth etc
dd watches a bit of c beebies, puts on shoes, coat etc
8.45 we leave for school

PeriPathetic Tue 06-Sep-11 07:53:46

0630 - DH gets up
0645 - DH wakes DD, gives her breakfast, dog comes into my bed
0715 - DH brings me tea. I grunt.
0716 - Mad dash to the loo (me - damn bladder)
0730 - DD is washed & dressed (usually)
0730 - I attempt to make myself human
0745 - DD doing some random, annoying crap
0750 - DD has disappeared or faffing around, dog is trying to get into the garden to chase squirrels
0755 - My blood pressure starts rising
0756 - Shout at DD
0800 - Bus collects DD. I breathe a sigh of relief, get cuppa then take dog out for nice relaxing walk.


Witchofthenorth Tue 06-Sep-11 07:56:25

630 get up and have coffee watch a bit of news

700 get three DC up and lay out breakfast

715 teeth brushed and get dressed (this bit takes an age cos have really slow poke kids sad)

745 I get washed and dressed

800 kids check bags and get jackets ready, watch a bit scooby do

830 leave house

Mine could really be condensed but it's too much trauma to be fighting with three kids that early in the

ilikethesun Tue 06-Sep-11 07:56:28

pp.................8am is approaching have a nice walk.

GooseyLoosey Tue 06-Sep-11 07:57:59

5.00am - me up
5.10 - get out breakfast stuff and write reminders for dh about what needs to be done
5.30 - I leave
7.00 - dcs up and get into bed with dh
7.30 - all up and get gressed
7.45 - beakfast
8.10 teeth brushed and feed guinea pigs then mess about for 20 minutes
8.35 - all out

Groovee Tue 06-Sep-11 07:58:19

6.15am alarm goes off, dh heads for bathroom
6.30am dh wakes kids, my turn for the bathroom
7am everyone downstairs breakfast, dh leaves for work
7.30am Kids sort snacks and water bottles, packed lunches made if needed
8.15am kids sent to bathroom to do teeth etc
8.30am Kids leave for school.

On days I work we leave at 8am for the childminders or MIL's

bigTillyMint Tue 06-Sep-11 08:00:04

Depends on whether it's a work day for me or not, but on my work days:

6.30am get up with DH. Faff about in kitchen making sure packed lunches are ready. DD's alarm goes off and she starts to wake up.
7am sort out DD's breakfast and get her out of the house
7.30am wake DS up and get myself ready
7.55am see DS out of the house. He goes to breakfast club!
8.35am leave the house for work. I have breakfast at work.

Mitmoo Tue 06-Sep-11 08:00:05

6 am is out of pit
6.10 on Mumsnet
6.11 - Iron a shirt
6.12 Look at Mumsnet
6.13 Iron a pair of trousers
6.14 Reply to anything on Mumsnet
6.15 Iron a blouse
6.16 Read a post on mumsnet
6.17 Iron a top
6.18 Post on Mumsnet
etc. until 8 am
8.00 am Thinks SHIT I've spent way too much time on Mumsnet,
8.01 Shouts rabidly to get son out of bed
8.02 Resists urge to get on Mumsnet
8.03 Knocks up breakfast
8.04 Shoves breakfast down son's neck
8.05 Can't resist any longer Reply on mumsnet
8.06 Shouts about aren't you dressed yet knowing it's all Mum'snet fault.
8.07 Post on Mumsn'et
8.08 Prises fingers off keyboard, grabs car keys and gets son to school with seconds to spare.

Bunbaker Tue 06-Sep-11 08:02:25

DD has started high school today and needs to leave the house at 7.35. This morning it went like this:
6.30 get up, make DD's lunch
6.40 breakfast
6.55 Brush teeth
7.00 Get washed and dressed, do hair
7.15 Sit nervously
7.25 Take DD to friend's house before getting the bus

On future days DD will walk to the bus stop on her own and meet her friend there.

Goldberry Tue 06-Sep-11 08:04:00

6:45 I get up, shower, dress. dh showers after me.
7:10ish I get dd and ds ready. dh leaves for work
7:30 breakfast
7:45 dc watch a bit of tv while I clear breakfast things and get bags etc ready.
8:15 leave house
Except Thursdays when I start work early and have to get the dc to breakfast club at 8.

mankyscotslass Tue 06-Sep-11 08:10:34

6 am DH gets up, I get up 5 min later

6.15 I have breakfast

6.30 Do packed lunches

7am I have a shower.

7.15 all 3 kids get up & brush teeth & the younger 2 have a wash.

7.30 all of them have breakfast.

7.45 Oldest DS has a shower.

8am They all get uniform on & hair sorted.

They play board games or read til 8.25.

8.25 they tidy up, put their shoes and coats on and have gone to the toilet for the last time.

8.35 We leave for school

What makes school mornings work for us is no screen time for the kids - no tv on, no DS, no computer. I sometimes, like this morning, sneak on for 5 minutes!

JustAnother Tue 06-Sep-11 08:16:14

5:45: DH gets up and starts reading the internet while having coffee
6:00 I get up
6:45: I'm finally dress, made up, etc and come down to prepare my breakfast and lunch
7:00 DS gets up
7:10: I leave
7:30: DS has finished his breakfast and does reading, music or whatever he needs to practise that day
7:45: DS gets dressed
8:05: DS gets collected by bus
8:06: DH goes back to fuffing around until he sits down to work at 9:00

ilovemykitchenaid Tue 06-Sep-11 08:20:49

0630 Get up and wake DS put his shower on
0635 make packed lunches
0650 Cup of tea with BBC News
0700 Make DS bacon sandwich
0710 shower and dress
0725 shout at DS to hurry up and eat breakfast
0755 group of gangly boys on bikes arrive at door DS leaves for school
0800 Another cup of tea and make my breakfast
0815 leave for work

My DH on the other hand

0630 get up shower and dressed
0650 drinks coffee and collects paked lunch
0700 leaves for work

AtYourCervix Tue 06-Sep-11 08:21:36

Work day

6.00 wake up
feed cats and dogs
iron uniform
make packed lunches
6.45 wake up snarling DDs
got to work leaving then to get on with it.

Non work day

7.00 get up
7.00 poke DD2 gently
feed cats and dogs
make packed lunches
7.20 holler upstairs to snarling DDs
7.30 Ignore DD2 ranting
7.35 Duck and avoid as DD2 throws things and screams
7.40 Shout for DD1 again
7.45 Ignore DD2 and her screaming attempts to get off school
7.50 coffee
7.55 Practices deep breathing exercises as DD2 winds up into a screaming panic
8.00 Duck and avoid as DD2 throws more stuff
8.05 tidy up and throw away broken stuff after they have left.

Bert2e Tue 06-Sep-11 08:25:44

6.30 DH up and into bathroom
7 Me up and into bathroom
7.30 say goodbye to DH, make lunchboxes and breakfast for boys
8 wash up
8.05 Clean my teeth
8.15 Boys upstairs, wash, teeth and dressed
8.40 kitchen timer rings, put shoes and coats on
8.45 leave house

diddl Tue 06-Sep-11 08:26:19

Mitmoo-your way of ironing sounds like mine!

Oh bloody hell I need one of these from tomorrow.

Current routine consists of.

7am DH brings me tea.
7-8am I lounge in bed with MN, tea and feed DS2 and cuddle DS1 while he has his morning milk.
8am more of the above if DS2 is having a hungry day. Shower and get dressed.
9am breakfast
9.30am get DS1 dressed and DS2 down for a nap
10am clear up and make a plan for the day.

yellowsubmarine41 Tue 06-Sep-11 08:45:12

Will work this out next week.

My general sense is that the 'watching cbeebies' bit is going to have to be hugely condensed with a corresponding increase of the 'doing things like brushing teeth' areas.


minxofmancunia Tue 06-Sep-11 09:01:28

Only done it twice!

7am me up dressed shower, face on make brew for me and dh, pour cereal for dd and ds
7.20am dd up nag and coerce her to get dressed
7.30ish dd and ds eat breakfast
7.45 get ds (2) dressed
8.00am do dds hair, check bag assemble various coats scarves etc.
8-8.20am dd and ds watch cbeebies, i faff about
8.30am leave the house to walk to school (10 mins)

ouryve Tue 06-Sep-11 09:18:58

That sounds so relaxed. OP

Ours is more like:

Boys and DH all get up at silly o'clock. DH makes the boys some toast if they're up really early.

7:15am - I get up (with the help of the big cup of chamomile DH has made me so I don't fall over again)

DH leaves for work, shortly after I get up and once he is out of the way, I make the boys and my (proper) breakfasts and feed DS2's to him (ASD and severely dyspraxic so can't use a spoon)

Then DS1 (ASD and ADHD) needs his medication and, sometimes, to take his asthma inhalers, which he hates.

By about 7:50, we're all fed, I've cleaned up the mess left by breakfast before it sets hard and popped my own pills and I usher first DS2, then DS1 (because hell breaks out if i try it in the other order) into the bathroom to get them washed and then help them to get dressed and do their hair. I have to do everything for DS2 and he's sometimes pretty resistant. DS1 can do more for himself, but I take just as long chivvying him along because he's so hyper and easily distracted after breakfast.

I can finally get myself washed and dressed and sort out shoes and coats and lunch bags (lunches prepared and chilled the night before). Around 8:30, it's almost guaranteed that DS2 will do the biggest, stinkiest crap in his nappy and be resistant to having it changed. Meantime, DS1 will be in a strop about having to put his shoes or coat on and I will probably have noticed that he's wearing something back to front and needs that fixing, anyhow.

Somehow, by the time we're all dressed and wrapped up and ready to go, it's 8:45. School starts at 8:55 and it takes 15 minutes to walk there with the boys. (And it always amazes me, that no matter how uncooperative the boys have been, and even on mornings when I've ended up having to strip and bathe DS2, we are never, ever last to arrive).

Back to the fray, tomorrow. Have just enjoyed one final lazy morning when I get to cook and eat porridge (note I didn't say sleep in)

ouryve Tue 06-Sep-11 09:25:48

Envious of those who can shower with kids around without Things Hppening.

And the DS actually makes our morning go smoother, because it doesn't give DS1 any down time to work himself up into the sort of frenzy that AtYourCervix describes!

Morloth Tue 06-Sep-11 09:34:12

6:30am DS1 gets up and plays for a bit
7:00am DH and I get up and shower (not together, we don't have that sort of time).
7:20am I head to kitchen and start getting Breakfast ready while DH gets DS2 up and dressed.
7:30am sit down to breakfast together.
8:00am DH and DS1 head off to get dressed while I make lunches, DS2 spreads destruction.
8:30am I start yelling that 'Really, we should be getting ready to go...'
8:45am all in the car.
I drop, DH at bus stop, then DS1 at school, then DS2 at creche and then I go the cafe gym.

sunnydelight Tue 06-Sep-11 09:37:35

6.30 alarm goes off, turn coffee machine on! Walk the dog if it's my turn, shower and make packed lunches if not.
7.00 make coffee, wake kids, shower/packed lunches if not already done.
Make bacon sarnies/eggs/pancakes if have time, if not supervise toast/fruit/cereal.
7.30 make sure everyone is getting dressed, help tie ties, fix ponytails etc.
7.50 chivvy kids out the door for the school bus
7.55 kiss DH goodbye as he leaves for work
If a work day do house stuff until 8.50 when I leave for work, on my blissful Monday off make more coffee and read the paper when house is empty.

Fo0ffyShmoofer Tue 06-Sep-11 09:39:51

6.30am DH and I get up. He gets his breakfast/I use bathroom.
7.00am Kids up, we all go for breakfast.
7.20am DS(9) goes to use bathroom.
7.40am I take DD(3) up to bathroom and get her ready.
8.00am Quick tidy round the kitchen.
8.20am DS sets off to his friends house for his lift to school.
8.30am Take DD to Nursery.

Come home soaked Housework MN

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